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Synonyms for brim

Synonyms for brim

the projecting rim on the front of a cap

a fairly narrow line or space forming a boundary

Synonyms for brim

the top edge of a vessel or other container

a circular projection that sticks outward from the crown of a hat

be completely full

Related Words

fill as much as possible

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That's in our employee manuals and we preach it constantly," Brim said.
The stiff peaked hat is available in two designs, the classic cream canvas made from pre shrunk canvas with a wide stiffened brim, ventilation eyelets and adjustable chin cord and technical Quick Dry with UPF 50+ in Navy Blue also with reinforced brim, non corrosive ventilation eyelets and easy adjustable chin strap.
Despite the generally accepted idea that people who wear glasses should avoid wearing hats, Felicity says it's just a case of creating some depth between them and the brim of the hat.
If you're going for a hat with a brim, wear it set at an angle rather than straight on - asymmetrical lines are very useful.
THE shops are brim full of headgear in natural materials and bright, bold colours.
Generally, the discretionary instructional resources will shrink and they won't buy as much as they have been," Brim predicts.
Environmental Protection Agency's Worker Protection Standard for Agriculture requires a chemical-resistant hood or chemical-resistant hat with a wide brim for pesticide application if the pesticide label calls for head protection.
The night milk flowed My eye is a pitcher, I am a pitcher - Full to the brim with milk and cream, Brim full with cream and milk .
That's a good thing, because Rand is one of the West's premier custom cowboy hatters, his Billings store a temple to the pencil-rolled brim, the cattleman's crease, and fur felt macerated into something approaching art.
IASIS Healthcare ("IASIS") today announced the completion of its acquisition of Brim Holdings, Inc.
1 On a steady table top, fill one shot glass right to the brim with vodka.
The competition that is out there is very competent, but New Holland and JCB are huge, significant players in those markets," Brim said Monday.
If you wear glasses, go for a style with a wide, swept-up brim so you won't look too heavy around the brow.