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European food fish

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Elgin firefighter Shay Brill was awarded a medal of merit for pulling over while off-duty to help a Cook County sheriff's deputy hit by a drunken driver on Interstate 90.
Brill tells the story good-naturedly, insisting he didn't do much other than divert traffic, feel the officer's pulse and talk to him to try to calm him down.
With one chapter of his life closed, by Steven Brill, the hard-nosed, enterprising journalist who founded American Lawyer Media and Court TV, is ready for yet another challenge.
"Gen Yers are challenging employers to adapt to their lifestyles and work habits, and these companies exemplify those characteristics, bridging generational gaps," said Kevin Carlson, CEO of Brill Street.
Brill was driving alone eastbound on I-90 near Arlington Heights Road -- his wife was on her way with a friend -- when he saw a car zip past him on the right, cross over all three lanes of traffic and crash into two squad cars stopped by the median.