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a pomade to make the hair manageable and lustrous

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The seductive allure of Methwold rose largely from the clean-cut parting that ran through the middle of his brilliantined hair.
Nearby is the famous Yovogi Park, where competing zoku (tribes) from spikily festooned punks to brilliantined Elvis impersonators preen and pose to the bemusement of passers by.
Yearning for that brilliantined, cigarette-case glamour brought the Gatsby Social Club into being in the Village/West U.
close-cut brilliantined hair under black number-six headbands.
They watch the late-arriving taxis from downtown and the brilliantined men stepping dapper to the windows, policy bankers and supper club swells and Broadway hotshots, high aura'd, picking lint off their mohair sleeves.
There is just enough offbeat history in China Hands, and several unforgettable sketches--the "brilliantined" Eugene Chen from Trinidad, who became Sun Yat-sen's foreign minister; the shadowy Borodin, who kept Chiang Kai-shek supplied with arms during the twenties--make the book worth reading not only for the welcome attention it brings to a largely unexamined chapter in American journalism but for its flashes of insight into the byzantine politics of the Kuomintang.
Short, somewhat vain, with brilliantined hair and a waxed moustache, the aging bachelor Poirot enjoys his creature comforts.
That would account for David Soar's stylishly-sung Figaro - a brilliantined charmer with an oafish streak, just a few notches below the Count in caddishness.
He, on the other hand, is 'an ageing brilliantined stick insect..
He was a glamorous youth with a Ronald Coleman moustache, thickly brilliantined hair and a motorcycle; woe for Tommy.
Yep, it was strictly Come Dancing years ago, especially on Saturday night, the brilliantined boys, the glammed-up gals gliding and swaying beneath swirling spotlights, intricate footwork, squeak of patent leather on sprung, polished floor, the best mating game ever invented.
It was always on Thursday and set us up for a date in the long, lovely night ahead when, with brilliantined hair and drainpipes, we went out bopping with our latest crazes.
Tarkington-Pugh, or Doris as she was known to her spymasters at Nogswith Bookmakers ("No bet too small; you will be accommodated'') came from a well-to-do rural family but had apparently acquired a fondness for the bookmaking profession as a result of her association with a smooth-talking clerk with brilliantined hair and two-toned shoes known as Flash Sid, who 'turned' her during the heyday of spying recruitment in the 1930s.
This confusion undermines an excellent performance by Converse, who is utterly heartbreaking in his misery, with his squashed boxer's face and brilliantined hair, his awkward, self-conscious movements and his shiny suits.