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a pomade to make the hair manageable and lustrous

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He had thick black hair shiny with brilliantine, graceful fingers, extremely white teeth.
Emerging from the haze was a strange looking little man with black hair that was plastered down with brilliantine and half covering his forehead.
BSP will also be providing a survival tin for Gareth and his team mates which will include (among other things) BSP's own-brand Kendal mint cake and Brilliantine Mortality (hair pomade which can also be eaten in extreme circumstances).
Also available is Rock Hard Aero glue spray, Rock Hard liquid glue, Flex Appeal liquid rubber, Sport Maniac liquid sculpt, Molding gum, Slick brilliantine, and Sport Fiber paste.
For extra sleekness, Tom ran Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine pounds 10.
Lester Piggott gets it right as he chooses Juliette Marny (Jeremy Tree) over stablemate Brilliantine in the Oaks, and she rewards him with his 21st home Classic, equalling Fred Archer's tally.
Literally translated, grease means 'fat' so in Spain, the film was renamed Brilliantine and in Venezuela it was called Vaseline.
His hair was slicked back with brilliantine, the deep-set brown eyes looked down at me and my knees went weak.
I almost yearn for the days of Pathe news: Brilliantine haired supporters standing, waving huge rattles and mainlining Capstan full strength; commentary by Bertie Wooster; games kicking off at 3pm on a Saturday, with 14 seconds of highlights shown three weeks later; teams run by corrupt, power-mad local businessmen, creaming off the turnstile money to subsidise their butchers shop.
Yardley has added new additions to the fine English Lavender range with Liquid Soap, but look out for candles, refreshing tissue wipes and even solid brilliantine and let the scent go to your head.
The American, sporting bucketloads of brilliantine on a thinning, Charltonesque comb-over, is the very essence of Brooks' New York Jewish anti-hero.
His trousers may have been all very well in their heyday, but they were built for a man who would have to stand on a box to apply his Brilliantine in a standard modern bathroom.
The other problem is that Everett is obsessed with his hair and is constantly searching for his favourite brand of Dapper Dan brilliantine and the hairnets he wears at night.