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a code name for a small computerized heat-seeking missile that was supposed to intercept and destroy enemy missiles

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Both the brilliant pebbles and RPV approaches warrant further research and development.
However, because President Clinton preferred land-based missile defense programs over space-based programs, he ended Brilliant Pebbles. (34) The Advanced Technology Kill Vehicle program, which used technology developed through Brilliant Pebbles to produce small, lightweight kill vehicles for use in surface based interceptors, died as well.
Because of on-board sensors, Brilliant Pebbles undercut requirements for BSTS and SSTS when it replaced SBI in 1990 and became the principal weapons system in a modified SDS phase I architecture.
She was just approaching her peroration with a labored pun about the brilliant pebbles of information she had picked up on her visit when--pffft--the whole public address system went dead.
efforts to develop and deploy a space-based missile defense have known many names, including Strategic Defense Initiative, Brilliant Pebbles and Global Protection Against Limited Strikes.
The video gives a lot of credit to "Star Wars:' an epithet deployed to mock Reagan's attempt to "make nuclear weapons obsolete:' The centerpiece of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), however, was not futuristic lasers (though these were researched), but Brilliant Pebbles. These were orbiting kinetic-energy kill vehicles that would destroy ballistic missiles in their boost phase.
The veteran trainer sent out the brilliant Pebbles (1984) and Sayyedati (1993) to land the 1000 Guineas but I'm not convinced Rizeena's the one for Sunday.
Brilliant Pebbles. Brilliant Pebbles was a stand-alone space-based constellation of small interceptors primarily focused on boost-phase targets.
The Newmarket handler is no stranger to handling top-class fillies, with the likes of Sayyedati, User Friendly and the brilliant Pebbles among those to have passed through his hands down the years.
Clive Brittain knows a thing or two about training top-class fillies, with the brilliant Pebbles, Sayyedati and Crimplene among those to have passed through his hands down the years, and he has made no secret of the regard in which he holds his latest star juvenile.
Space Warfare and Defense covers a range of topics, from Project Corona to the Brilliant Pebbles Program to a listing of the most recent published literature on the military use of space.
Brilliant Pebbles would be small interceptors, a metre in length and weighing about 45 kilograms, that would orbit the earth at an altitude of some 400 kilometres.
General Electric released a report that concluded--in a phrase missile defense proponents soon would have become accustomed to--"that such a defense was beyond the scope of contemporary technology." By the 1960s, under heavy lobbying from congressional Republicans and the Pentagon, President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara agreed to support a limited missile-defense system, while "the technical debate left the impression that for every expert declaring that missile defense would not work, another was ready to argue that it would." And so on through the 1970s, the Reagan and Bush years, Star Wars, and Brilliant Pebbles, the space-based, kinetic-energy weapons program.
Brittain will target the Champion Stakes, which he won with the brilliant Pebbles, and Breeders' Cup Distaff, run on dirt, if Crimplene handles the step up in distance well.
The X-ray laser, easy enough, but remember "Brilliant Pebbles," the idea of filling space with tiny, five-pound "smart rocks" that would be intelligent enough to operate on their own?