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a code name for a small computerized heat-seeking missile that was supposed to intercept and destroy enemy missiles

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Brilliant Pebbles would be small interceptors, a metre in length and weighing about 45 kilograms, that would orbit the earth at an altitude of some 400 kilometres.
This would cost at least 100 times more than brilliant pebbles.
Both the brilliant pebbles and RPV approaches warrant further research and development.
Neither the Bush nor the Obama administrations have revived the brilliant pebbles program.
Brilliant Pebbles was a stand-alone space-based constellation of small interceptors primarily focused on boost-phase targets.
Brilliant Pebbles expends small, relatively inexpensive projectiles at moving targets.
34) The Advanced Technology Kill Vehicle program, which used technology developed through Brilliant Pebbles to produce small, lightweight kill vehicles for use in surface based interceptors, died as well.
36) Clementine 11 would have demonstrated SBMD-relevant technologies to quell political concerns about the potential of Brilliant Pebbles technology.
Because of on-board sensors, Brilliant Pebbles undercut requirements for BSTS and SSTS when it replaced SBI in 1990 and became the principal weapons system in a modified SDS phase I architecture.
The Cold War ended as Brilliant Pebbles was being integrated into the strategic defense system architecture.
Her owner-breeder Sheikh Marwan-one of the lesser-known Maktoums-has averaged five horses a season with Brittain since the trainer struck with the brilliant Pebbles at the 1985 Breeders' Cup.
The Strategic Defense Initiative budget now includes $300 million for the Brilliant Pebbles spacebased missile interceptor, a pet scheme of the right wing.
Previously, Payne was program development manager for TRW's Brilliant Pebbles program, part of the proposed "Star Wars" missile defense system, the technology precursor to Teledesic's distributed low-Earth-orbit architectural design.
She was just approaching her peroration with a labored pun about the brilliant pebbles of information she had picked up on her visit when--pffft--the whole public address system went dead.
Clive Brittain had notable successes with the brilliant Pebbles and Sayyedati over this distance and Air Express (3.