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Synonyms for brilliancy

exceptional brightness and clarity, as of a cut and polished stone

liveliness and vivacity of imagination

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Synonyms for brilliancy

a quality that outshines the usual

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The brilliancy with which, incorporation of artificial intelligence in retail has curbed down human error is expected to surge the artificial intelligence market in retail market, asserts Market Research Future (MRFR).
The Colin Roberts Memorial Trophy will be a brilliancy prize, for the best game by a Shropshire player in any competition during the course of the season, excluding blitz, rapidplay, and internet games.
ERIOFASTA(r) Vista ink range is a unique sustainable digital printing solution for polyester-cotton blends which uses a simple urea-free system to outperform the best alternative solutions in terms of brilliancy, gamut, color depth and fabric handle at reduced energy consumption and emissions.
In contrast to the reflections of many historians, the present author maintains that the Sikh monarchy founded by Ranjit Singh was 'Napoleonic in the suddenness of its rise, the brilliancy of its success and the completeness of its overthrow'.4
According to a WCLA spokesman, "Commissioned in 1624 by the fourth of the Great Mughals, the emperor Jahangir, and completed by his son Shah Jahan in 1631, this picture wall is unparalleled for the dazzling brilliancy of its gorgeous, glazed-tile mosaic ornamentation.
It's relatively easy to invest a good four hours in the characters, even the non-pivotal ones like sleazy-yet-suave wheeler-dealer Anand Mehta (played with devious subtlety by Akshay Oberoi) and the street-smart, low-income hawker (played with a beguiling brilliancy by Amruta Subhash).
As the surgeon Richard Saumarez wrote about the poetic effusions of Erasmus Darwin, "I am ready to confess that the brilliancy of [his] imagination is too great for the dullness of my conception" (148).
Huddled among its many shortcomings are many flashes of brilliancy: quotable quips, accessible summaries of business trends and revolutionizing innovations (the so-called robber barons, automobiles, the rise of Silicon Valley and the financial services innovations of recent decades), a devastating critique of FDR's New Deal and a surprisingly Rothbardian position on monopolies (p.
December: Venus is at greatest brilliancy. Jupiter dangles below the crescent moon on the 6th.
A day after upsetting 15th-seed Spain, the Filipinas ran out of brilliancy as Woman IMs (WIMs) Shania Mae Mendoza and Bernadette Galas lost to Woman GMs (WGMs) Inga Charkhalashvili and Miranda Mikadze on boards two and four, respectively.
Some of the rays may be blotted out, others may be enhanced in brilliancy. These differences, countless in variety, form a code of signals, in which is conveyed to us, when once we have made out the cipher in which it is written, information of the chemical nature of the celestial gases by which the different light rays have been blotted out, or by which they have been enhanced." Huggins applied the knowledge they gathered on stellar spectra to another class of celestial object, planetary nebulae.
Attributes/comments: Setallic pigments embody the vitality of the sunrise and the brilliancy of the sunset.
The brilliancy of resplendent contribution made by Lester to Sri Lankan cinema will be etched in the memories of the citizenry of Sri Lanka.
Talented singer demonstrated an unusual brilliancy for this he was awarded the coveted title of 'People's Artist of the USSR'.
He congratulated the graduates on their distinction and brilliancy. --SPA 03:08 LOCAL TIME 00:08 GMT