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European food fish

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Self-taught naturalist Steve Brill showed the Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham, the twig also known as betula lenta, and asked him to give it a try.
Trevor also caught several plaice on the day, but it's the brill that wins him our People/ Davies Angling goody bag for this week...
Brill is a 12-year veteran of `The Late Show," and as talent coordinator, he works with all the comedians who appear on the show.
For Brill and the reformers in his book, the unions are the enemy, with their defense of incompetent teachers, their hostility to charters, and their resistance to efforts to judge teachers by the achievement of their students on tests.
This striking moment comes after Brill spends most of his book applauding TFA-connected reformers (many of whom started in public education through TFA) as they campaign to incorporate performance into public school teacher hiring and firing--including crusades in Los Angeles and New York to make public the test scores of each teacher's students.
Eighty percent of patients with heart disease fail to follow diet advice one year after diagnosis, according to Brill. The reason?
Brill said the new title offers scholars and practitioners an opportunity to discuss issues of governance, jurisprudence, and socio-political organization as well as promote a common conceptual framework and vocabulary for exchanging ideas across boundaries, geographic and otherwise.
Crushpad introduced the minis to help its 120 or so commercial brands, most making 50 to 500 cases of wine per year, but Brill has found great interest in the sample bottles among other wineries, too.
A woman from Queens had phoned Brill -- responsible for endowing the Yale Journalism Initiative -- to ask why he steered her daughter toward an non-lucrative career in journalism.
A lawyer by training, Brill authored two books, founded American Lawyer magazine and took the leap into cable television.
While this Association's negotiations lasted less than two months, Brill warns that most efforts can take years!
Nothing has changed except that brill are now much harder to catch.
Michael "Brillo" Brill hit the 6,000-hour mark in a combat mission out of Balad Air Base, Iraq, where he has been deployed since late March.
Brill Academic Publishers (Boston/Leiden, the Neth.) has launched "Human Rights Documents Online" (HRDO), a searchable database that includes a wide range of human rights documents published since 1980.
CRYSTAL PALACE are ready to fight Sheffield United for Luton keeper Dean Brill in a pounds 200,000 auction.