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having a bright color

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By the 1300s the feast was introduced in various countries as an elaborate procession in which the priest or bishop carried a silver vessel for the Host along pathways richly adorned with brightly-colored carpets.
While the name conjures up images of colorful, retro bicycles with fat tires and banana seats, the reality is a convenient, brightly-colored 4-Pack of 187ml bottles.
The cavernous interior glitters with gold, and the walls are covered with icons and huge, brightly-colored frescoes.
The collector's edition Peanuts books feature the classic Peanuts characters in brightly-colored illustrations based on stories and comics by Charles M.
The Welcome Center is accessed by a sloping promenade flanked by an installation of thousands of brightly-colored flags that will remain until permanent beds are planted.
E[acute accent]The Mobile Emergency Vital Signs Kit, which is packaged in a hardened and brightly-colored Pelican case, was developed by Xybernaut in response to demand from its homeland security, military, medical/healthcare and first response customers to develop a wireless mobile computing device that could be combined with point-of-care medical diagnostic technologies to create a comprehensive and rugged mobile vital signs field kit.
This spring, designers are featuring mini skirts, black and white basics, brightly-colored separates, and more.
It looks like a brightly-colored laptop computer and provides easy plug-and play use by plugging directly into a TV.
Using continuous loop videos with sound and text while projecting brightly-colored, mobile messages overhead and in various display areas of the booth, Proxima will demonstrate how multimedia exhibition signage may be produced cost-effectively with projectors.
Sonic's Schoolhouse' is like `Doom' for kids, but instead of being in dark hallways fighting bad guys, kids are in a brightly-colored 3-D schoolhouse challenging their friends to see who can answer questions first.