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of the red of fresh raspberries

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Yet every time the sun shines, our streets and parks are filled with women proudly displaying bright-red burnt skin under skimpy tops, or men bearing bright-red chests.
A bright-red paint job was in order before mounting it to the wall with two-by-four supports.
When Maddy draws a picture of a naked woman on the Bible with a bright-red lipstick during Bible study, her mother decides her daughter must spend weekends living with Aunt Pip, her estranged sister, who is dying of breast cancer.
Dark, dry blood surrounds the perforation, and there is bright-red blood on the superior edge of the perforation.
What makes the painting notable is a bright-red letter F painted smack in the center, not very large, but looking as though it had been pasted by on someone other than the artist.
In a spotlight, a single branch with tapering leaf and bud projected from the wall--several bright-red berries peeped through splits in the bud casing.
Dr Giordano says strawberries, raspberries or bright-red ice cream are best for a successful seduction.
For instance, the bright-red paint used to depict flowers and birds' plumages was a common pigment from that era called cinnabar.