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of a deep somewhat purplish blue color similar to that of a clear October sky

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Then the moment the rain ceased the absurd thing would go up suddenly with a jerk and would not come down again; and I had to walk about under a bright blue sky, with an umbrella over my head, wishing that it would come on to rain again, so that it might not seem that I was insane.
'I was not present myself,' replied the visitor, 'and in consequence of your firm refusal to give your card to Doctor Slammer, I was desired by that gentleman to identify the wearer of a very uncommon coat--a bright blue dress-coat, with a gilt button displaying a bust, and the letters "P.
Though the green landscape was blotted here and there with heaps of coal, it was green elsewhere, and there were trees to see, and there were larks singing (though it was Sunday), and there were pleasant scents in the air, and all was over-arched by a bright blue sky.
In the most forlorn and arid and dismal one of all, where the racked and splintered debris was thickest, where the ancient patches of snow lay against the very path, where the winds blew bitterest and the general aspect was mournfulest and dreariest, and furthest from any suggestion of cheer or hope, I found a solitary wee forget-me-not flourishing away, not a droop about it anywhere, but holding its bright blue star up with the prettiest and gallantest air in the world, the only happy spirit, the only smiling thing, in all that grisly desert.
The sea was calm, and, with a fresh breeze from the south-east, they sailed beneath a bright blue sky, in which God also lighted up in turn his beacon lights, each of which is a world.
Many a woman might have envied him his clear complexion, his bright blue eyes, and the warm amber tint in his light Saxon hair.
Graham,' said my mother, wiping the tears of merriment from her bright blue eyes - 'well, you surprise me!
As he looked, he rose, and leaning against the door-post, gazed up at the bright blue sky, smiling even on that dreary home of crime.
But yesterday, he claimed that Bright Blue recently proposed higher fines for engine idling, and that citizens can report those idling to the police.
Also known as "sea sparkle" or Noctiluca scintillans, the incredible sight turns the sea a bright blue colour due to warm weather.
Also known as 'sea sparkle' or Noctiluca scintillans, the incredible sight turns the sea a bright blue colour due to warm weather.
Amodern wonder, Hydrangea Blue Boogie Woogie produces unusual bright blue flowers.
The recommendation was made by the liberal Conservative-leaning think tank Bright Blue in a major report on reforming Universal Credit,reports The Mirror.
Barry M eyeliner in Oasis Blue, PS3.99, Make you eyes stand out with a pop of bright blue liner across the lids.
On the video which can be viewed on North Wales Live, the light can be seen turning the dark morning sky "bright blue".