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Synonyms for brigand

Synonyms for brigand

an armed thief who is (usually) a member of a band


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People, convicted of fraud, brigandry, robbery, were hired to police department after trials.
Altogether twenty mismatched targets for brigandry. Nick felt he might be being unduly pessimistic, but he was not taking any chances.
(123) Rather, the Qur'an bans brigandry and acts of terrorism, from which rebels were to be distinguished.
20:15]), Calvin again mentions violence: "There are many kinds of theft: one consists in violence, as when a person's goods are forcibly plundered and carried off as it were by brigandry."
The pirates brigandry was particularly irksome for generations of Roman political leaders because the peace and stability of the massive Roman populace depended on the free, uninterrupted movement of goods from the other parts of their vast empire.
He started preparing for his post by calling upon friends and relatives from Cirta and Alexandria to serve as Greek correspondence clerks, and Julius Senex from Mauretania, 'to suppress brigandry', but also friends from Cilicia ('whom I had patronised').
The reason Somalia - where the hijackers of oil tankers and the rest are based, is a lawless land of brigandry - is because the same British and American governments overthrew the government there and installed a foreign, Ethiopian, puppet-regime which we taxpayers have funded ever since.