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Synonyms for brigand

Synonyms for brigand

an armed thief who is (usually) a member of a band


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27] Brigandage in and around the capital was further reported in 1522, 1523, and 1528.
In his judgments on what constituted the 'objective conditions' of bandits and brigandage in the empire, the papyrological evidence is particularly significant for Riess, since it offers some hope of a reportorial benchmark against which the fictive assertions of Apuleius' picture of brigandage can be assessed.
Lewis, "Political Brigandage and Popular Disaffection in the South-East of France: 1795-1804," Beyond the Terror, eds.
The story is of a youth who lapses into a career of brigandage but is saved by the admonitions of a merciful saint, a pattern repeated elsewhere in the hagiographic tradition (72) but which seems to appear on the record first in this tale told by Clement of Alexandria.
Chapter five finds the causes of Egyptian expansionism into Syria-Palestine in the 1830s in a similar combination of the usefulness of large-scale conscription in controlling growing brigandage and disorder on the part of both the rural and urban lower classes who were facing impoverishment due to the concentration of landholdings, the growth of cash-crop agriculture, the increasing import of European manufactured goods, and the attractiveness of Syria's natural resources at a time when Egypt needed both more food and more raw materials.
Top Ten Ways Islamic Law forbids Terrorism Terrorism or hirabah is forbidden in Islamic law, which groups it with brigandage, highway robbery and extortion rackets-- any illicit use of fear and coercion in public spaces for money or power.
Mandel trots out all the predictable devices--the brigandage, the makeshift communities, the symbolic 'pre-collapse' memorabilia, the advent of an evil cult leader.
A Bedouin himself, the gunman explains that he fell into a life of brigandage after the Hijaz Railway made his traditional trade as pilgrimage guide redundant.
The court has also sentenced an underaged to three years in prison for the Qalyubia brigandage case that took place in 2012.
A stable economy where strife, war, violence, and civil and military brigandage is not the order of the day is imperative to any country hoping to receive inflows of foreign capital .
49) My father had the good fortune while yet in childhood to hear eyewitness reminiscences about how armed multitudes of foreigners openly engaged in brigandage, carried whole families of Russian travelers into captivity and tortured them in various ways.
Doctors in Al-Ribat University Hospital in Khartoum implemented a sentence of amputation on a man convicted with Brigandage (Haraba) after the convicted had exhausted all appeal stages.
Watanabe (2003, 22-23) uses Dio Chrysostom's Alexandrian Oration (32,49) to demonstrate that brigandage can in certain circumstances be a desirable feature of masculinity; to this one might add the perhaps even more clear-cut example of Lucian's Navigium, in which the uber-successful member of civil society and the brigand king are directly juxtaposed as wish-fulfillment ideals of Greco-Roman manhood.
22) Furthermore, the use of the newborn Regio Esercito to quell the brigandage in southern Italy affected the Italian army's prestige; officers and soldiers felt demoted to the role of policemen.
The Maruti violence brings back troubling memories of those days of brigandage.