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Synonyms for brigadier

a general officer ranking below a major general

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The brigadier and two pioneers fell dead; the rest of the troop took to flight.
And the four friends rushed out of the fort, gained the field of battle, picked up the four muskets of the privates and the half-pike of the brigadier, and convinced that the fugitives would not stop till they reached the city, turned again toward the bastion, bearing with them the trophies of their victory.
Now you have done, Grimaud, take our brigadier's half-pike, tie a napkin to it, and plant it on top of our bastion, that these rebels of Rochellais may see that they have to deal with brave and loyal soldiers of the king."
"`Yes,' replied the brigadier; `and as his head is valued at a thousand Roman crowns, there would have been five hundred for you, if you had helped us to catch him.' The two young persons exchanged looks.
Among the passengers was a number of officials and military officers of various grades, the latter being either attached to the regular British forces or commanding the Sepoy troops, and receiving high salaries ever since the central government has assumed the powers of the East India Company: for the sub-lieutenants get 280 pounds, brigadiers, 2,400 pounds, and generals of divisions, 4,000 pounds.
I fancy I perceive around us faces of different officers in the royal army; is not that the Duc de Chatillon himself coming toward us with his brigadiers?"
I have given him one of my brigadiers, the most stupid I could find among my musketeers, in order that the prisoner might have a chance of escaping."
Brigadier AJ Smith (pictured) is based at the Army's 11th Signal and West Midlands Brigade headquarters at Venning Barracks, Donnington near Telford.
Brigadier Smith was commissioned in 1993 into the Royal Corps of Signals and has commanded at Squadron and Regimental level.
- Brigadier General Abdelmonem Belaati, Inspector General of the Armed Forces
Jose Eriel Niembra to the rank of Brigadier General
O.W Madola of Sri Lanka Crops of Military Police (SLCMP) presently serving as the Chief Coordinating Officer of Ammunition Dump in Punani, Brigadier P.
Addressing the parade, Brigadier General Gabor Horvath said: 'It has been a fantastic tour of exploration, a huge amount of experience, a great deal of work, and a lot of friendship, camaraderie and joy at the same time to me'.
RAWALPINDI -- Pakistan Army has approved promotion of 40 Brigadiers to Major General.
RAWALPINDI -- The Promotion Board of Pakistan Army, presided over by Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Wednesday approved the promotion of 40 Brigadiers including 11 from the Army Medical Corps to the rank of Major General.