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Synonyms for brigade

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army unit smaller than a division

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form or unite into a brigade

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The brigade currently boasts 60 operational members, as well as 11 auxiliary members.
The brigade level gunnery enables the CAB to leverage their resources across the organization as well as the division and synchronize them in time and space to more realistically train as we fight," said Col.
The meeting was attended by the chairman of fire brigade committee in the city council, Aman Khan Afridi, adviser to Mayor Farhat Khan, Municipal Commissioner Dr.
The 307th Brigade Engineer Battalion (BEB), 3d Brigade Combat Team (BCT), 82d Airborne Division, contains six engineer platoons--three sapper platoons, two light-equipment platoons, and one platoon that can be employed as a route clearance package or an engineer reconnaissance team (ERT).
It is not enough for you to have a relationship with your brigade S-3 and the commander.
One full brigade has been lifted from Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh and another from Udhampur in occupied Kashmir and shifted to the Kashmir Valley, mainly along the LoC.
Caroline Castaneda, the brigade head, said the elderly patrol started with 64 women in 2002 but the number has declined over the years, as some members have passed on or were 'unable to withstand the physical challenge.
Many brigade S6s arrive at the JRTC and believe the Signal Company and its assets belong to them.
The first--and often overlooked--step for a brigade S1 to effectively man the brigade is to know its MTOE personnel authorizations.
Shaker Al-Ghadeir, an officer in the 111th Infantry Mountain Brigade, confirmed that the two regiments who are fighting armed men in the area, alleged to be AQAP members, are still refusing to obey their commander's orders.
Led by the Girls' Brigade Chaplain, Susan McIvor, it was based on the motto of Girls' Brigade: to Seek, Serve and Follow Christ.
Mr Reeve said: "The householder became suspicious as the man was not in Cleveland Fire Brigade uniform and did not have a photographic identity badge, and very wisely did not let the man enter the property.
Military police brigades are typically assigned to corps or higher levels and serve in support roles at the theater level; however, the Warpath Exercise presented the best opportunity for the brigade to be validated as a contingency expeditionary force by the Mission Command Training Program (MCTP).
Aceves, Sergeant Omar 7th Engineer Battalion, 10th Sustainment Brigade Fort Drum, New York