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Synonyms for briefness

the temporal property of being very short

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the attribute of being brief or fleeting

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Also, the briefness of the parent responses could have been influenced in part by the formatting of the parent versus siblings, which allowed somewhat more space for siblings to record their responses.
The briefness of life is emphasized by how "quickly" the river "flows.
And so, if this all sounds religion, I hope it does in no orthodox sense, more religare--to tie back: the nearly absolute briefness of ceremony, its power an intense spark, renewable as each time it constitutes the entirety of creation, the Every Thing.
Since its publication, the SHS has been widely accepted, because of its adequate psychometric properties, factorial stability and briefness.
His relative silence on the subject -save for a handful of tweets which despite their strict 140-character limit still managed to err on the side of briefness - has been puzzling to me and my clan.
Control of purchased Increase the inputs (data or material information), the briefness and clarity of orders or tasks issued, in order to avoid the "GIGO" (garbage in garbage out) effect.
Fueled by their "dreams of riches" and confident in the briefness of their toils, Asian immigrants not only worked for miser wages, but could also be turned into a multi-functioning control device--among the ethnic groups themselves, as well as to weigh down white workers during periods of economic expansion and to hold white labor in check during periods of overproduction.
The fact that such glimmers of unity are visible is hopeful and "worth mentioning," but this hope is limited by separation and briefness ("Tale" VI.
First, briefness of the questionnaire did not allow the researchers to find all the existing relationships between nutritional factors and the participants' OAO.
International cardiac rehabilitation care guidelines incorporate the expectation that the majority of lifestyle advice should be disseminated after a patient has been discharged, given the briefness of hospital stays post cardiac events (Clinical Resource Efficiency Support Team, 2006; Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network, 2002; New Zealand Guidelines Group, 2002).
The composer uses the clever device of a brief musical quotation from Chopin's so-called "Minute Waltz" to suggest the briefness of life.
The briefness of the relationship and the fact that it is a heterosexual one are the two reasons I consider this story a prelude to the firm establishment of the connections between the lost nation while in exile and homosexual practices, resulting in the invention of a new alternative national space.
For briefness, we denote the input word matrix of Rijndael by [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and the output word matrix of 4-round Rijndael encryption by [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
In point of fact, both substances are mostly nothing, which may have explained the briefness of the performances, but it is that instantaneous reaction on the tongue that is at the heart of the idea of confection.