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Synonyms for briefness

the temporal property of being very short

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the attribute of being brief or fleeting

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For briefness, the calculation parameters are listed in all the following figures as well.
In the design of the questionnaire, the main researcher to okinto account the lack of difficulty of the questionnaire as well as the simplicity and briefness in order to make it attractive to answer for students and avoiding double interpretations of questions.
This teaching scenario helps the supervisor to make sure that the educational impact is not hampered by the briefness of the encounter.
The low number of responses and the briefness of the information conveyed in this theme reinforced an overall finding of the study that planning for the future care and support of the injured family members was insufficient and/or non-existent.
Due to the briefness of the history for the utterances (and hence its pseudodocument), they replace the history pseudodocument by a more representative one, extracted from its semantic vicinity.
A note at the end of his letters asks for understanding for the "briefness" of the letter but Sam "finds writing difficult".
The death of Pat Conroy is another reminder of the "briefness of our days"--a favorite phrase of Wolfe's, judging by how frequently it appears in Of Time and the River (more often than not preceded by "bitter").
While we understand why the show opted for this "safe" conclusion (to avoid confounding and irritating fantasyoriented viewers), it was still something of a letdown and a copout, especially since the show had made such a big todo over the very real possibility of death, the briefness of life, etc.
The briefness of life is emphasized by how "quickly" the river "flows." Even the night is part of the movement of nature, since it is the night that flows and/or moves quickly too and in turn emphasizes again the briefness of life.
And so, if this all sounds religion, I hope it does in no orthodox sense, more religare--to tie back: the nearly absolute briefness of ceremony, its power an intense spark, renewable as each time it constitutes the entirety of creation, the Every Thing.
GeRaF is characterized by dynamics, distributed characteristics, briefness, and easiness to implement.