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(of lawyers or barristers) lacking clients

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Even a briefless lawyer, let alone the mighty USA-UK-EU combine that host the best legal brains and expertise in international law, would have been unaware of the limits of the UN institutions.
A stricter ethical code for the legal profession would enable certain briefless lawyers to forge to the front.
BRIEFLESS ENCOUNTER: Wayne Rooney loses his shorts Pictures: BRADLEY ORMESHER; YOU'VE GOT TO HAND IT TO HIM: Adrian Mutu (left) scores Chelsea's winner; DRINKING TO VICTORY: John Terry and Frank Lampard; Email us at mirrorsport@mgn.
I found myself more than once in a toilet stall on a lower-floor bathroom of the brand-new Green Building on the MIT campus, cleaning myself up, throwing away my undergarment, and going to class briefless.
As one Illinois volunteer looked about him at a rendezvous where recruits had gathered, he noted "lead-miners from Galena; wharf rats and dock loafers from Chicago; farmers on unpurchased lands from the interior; small pattern politicians, emulous of popularity; village statesmen, pregnant with undeveloped greatness, and anxious to enlarge the sphere of their influence by a military accouchement; briefless lawyers and patientless physicians; and a liberal allowance of honest, hard-fisted 'Suckers.