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detailed instructions, as for a military operation

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was sold to Capitol Publications in 1994, Communication Briefings had a circulation of more than 47,000 at $69/year.
The investing in property and shares breakfast briefing takes place at 8 am on Tuesday, July 13 at the City Exchange on Old Hall Street.
NPPs complement verbal briefings provided to the command staff: they can provide invaluable assistance to the crisis negotiation team in effectively stating and defending its assessments and strategy recommendations to the on-scene commander.
In some of the larger and busier SAOs, training officers often provide this briefing, or an equivalent packet of written information, to students many times a week.
On Tuesday night, the administration official briefing reporters about Gore's meetings was asked if Gore had assured Beijing that U.
Then, their appetites whetted by the day's news, they creep out of the underbrush of Washington neighborhoods and come to the White House briefing room.
In the briefing, bank experts will provide information for businesses interested in competing for IDB-related contracts.
The Executive Telecom Briefings on "Telecommunication Policy and Regulatory Issues for 2007" are directed at understanding how telecommunication and policy decisions in Washington, D.
The offer must be simple and straightforward--no plethora of choices, as Briefings offers.
Although all briefings had been carefully reviewed by all cognizant Foreign Disclosure Officers for releaseability of data and by TACOM for technical content, we did not fully anticipate audience reaction.
A Support Information Package, containing briefings and the publications is priced at $500 AP.
The event consisted of briefings by industry leaders, followed by a panel discussion of both industry leaders and Bluewolf customers.
Georgetown's eight newsletters will join the Briefings Publishing Group (BPG), Alexandria, Virginia, which the very acquisitive Wicks acquired last August (NL/NL 8/99 & 5/15/00).
ePharmaceuticals, a division of healthcare regulatory publisher HCPro, has launched of Briefings on Drug Safety, a monthly electronic newsletter that will provide information and guidance to help pharmaceutical professionals make smart drug safety, risk management, and marketing decisions.