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detailed instructions, as for a military operation

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com/article/us-usa-trump-briefings-idUSKBN13X2M9) reportedly said Thursday that the real estate mogul has been receiving intelligence briefings including "routine" PDFs but did not elaborate on how often or on the content of the briefings.
C-SPAN found the briefings interesting enough to air late at night so nursing mothers and night-shift workers would have something to watch.
The new briefing room will consist of 49 seats: 7 rows and 7 seats per row.
How to give effective business briefings, Colin Clark London: Kogan Page, 1999
was sold to Capitol Publications in 1994, Communication Briefings had a circulation of more than 47,000 at $69/year.
The investing in property and shares breakfast briefing takes place at 8 am on Tuesday, July 13 at the City Exchange on Old Hall Street.
NPPs complement verbal briefings provided to the command staff: they can provide invaluable assistance to the crisis negotiation team in effectively stating and defending its assessments and strategy recommendations to the on-scene commander.
In some of the larger and busier SAOs, training officers often provide this briefing, or an equivalent packet of written information, to students many times a week.
On Tuesday night, the administration official briefing reporters about Gore's meetings was asked if Gore had assured Beijing that U.
Press coverage of the executive branch of government is highly dependent on regularly scheduled briefings at which press secretaries make prepared statements and answer questions from the press.
Then, their appetites whetted by the day's news, they creep out of the underbrush of Washington neighborhoods and come to the White House briefing room.
According to NAPNAP CEO Sandra Vassos, MPA, "We chose Bulletin Healthcare Briefings to be our partner because they have had successful long-term relationships with many top medical associations throughout the United States.
Wicks Business Information (WBI; Fairfield, CT) has sold its Briefings Publishing Group (Alexandria, VA), a publisher of media aimed at workplace and managerial performance, to Douglas Publications (Richmond, VA).
The most recent one I received came from Briefings Publishing Group, which offered me a choice from a dozen business and professional titles.
government personnel and ten security assistance organization representatives to receive briefings on timely topics relative to the M109 howitzer fleet, exchange ideas and make valuable contacts.