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detailed instructions, as for a military operation

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Request an Outlook Briefing when your proposed departure time is six hours or more from the time of the briefing.
Once those tasks are complete, this ought to leave an issue-bundle of legal matters that will likely occupy the bulk of your reply briefing. Shun lengthy restatements of your opponent's argument; no sense in donating precious real estate from your deliberately slim reply to your adversary.
PPP leader and Senator Farooq Naek also praised the briefing given by the army chief.
Naek added that he felt that the discussion was held in a pleasant atmosphere and a lot of things were cleared.Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Senator Pervaiz Rasheed, commenting on General Bajwa's briefing to the Senate, said that 'both sides' talked 'very openly', asked questions, and presented their stance.
'Yes, kaya (it can be done),' the Defense Secretary said, responding to a reporter's query before proceeding to the briefing.
"Indeed, we find it particularly troubling that President-elect Trump has mostly declined to take the daily intelligence briefing. Presidents and presidents-elect going back decades have begun their day this way - understanding national security threats and opportunities, asking probing questions, and making tough decisions," the senators wrote in an opinion piece published Thursday.
I caution, however, to avoid adding so much that you make your takeoff briefings cumbersome.
However, merits briefing may not be completed or even commenced in some 2011 cases, so this number will probably increase.
Intent on educating congressional staffers on the benefits of dietary supplements, the Congressional Dietary Supplement Caucus recently hosted its third lunch briefing in cooperation with the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) Washington, D.C, and the Natural Products Association (NPA), Washington, D.C.
The new offering, titled "Briefing," is a free, 16-page broadsheet that will be home delivered to non-subscribers of the Morning News every Wednesday through Saturday.
One of the mildly entertaining but substantively useless sideshows in Washington is the daily briefing for reporters at the White House.
"During the briefing I told them about my experiences in Iraq, and they related and relaxed.
After briefing a postmaintenance check flight, a Tomcat crew made arrangements with another crew to rendezvous and wait for three additional F-14s to join them for a 5-plane carrier break at the end of the cycle.
[check] This checklist is designed for organisations wishing to implement team briefing.
In early September, several hundred ministers and their wives gathered at an Austin hotel for an event dubbed a "Pastor's Policy Briefing." The event was the second held in the state, and more are planned.