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a case with a handle

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I don't think there is anything of any use in those briefcases, but I still think that even if there is a slight chance of there being any clues amongst his papers, then obviously the police need to look at them immediately.
Made from a single hide of spruce bark tanned Swedish cattle, with a Nordic reindeer skin lining, the County Governor Briefcase also features Italian brass locks, a 15 year guarantee and a free annual service.
Pick up Medical Briefcases (lab work) at YCC and drop off at Health Lab and/or NPL as needed and billed accordingly
You can look at it and tell," a State Department official said, noting the large number of items inside the briefcases.
When the Egyptian officials finally looked inside the briefcases they were astonished to see that they were full of Dollars and Euros banknotes -- at least 2 million Euros and 9 million dollars in cash were arranged in neat bundles inside the briefcases.
Real special seasoning arrives in the form of a retro brown briefcase containing
The court heard Mrs Odunlami, smartly dressed and carrying a briefcase, was in front with her daughter then husband behind.
One briefcase was later found in the car park of a Mappleborough Green pub.
If someone approached you with a briefcase or mobile phone you would not feel threatened - and that's the whole point of these weapons.
When the authorities confronted the man, he put the briefcase down and refused to pick it back up.
USB and Bluetooth keyboard solutions ready for integration into bags and briefcases
The new iPad Pro Briefcase will be part of the company's Premium Leather Collection.
THE Government wasted almost EUR200,000 of taxpayers' cash on briefcases and personal organisers for civil servants, it was revealed yesterday.
An IBM ThinkPad, laptop computer and two briefcases were taken from a Ford Mondeo in Dog Lane, Bodymoor Heath.
Sheriff's officials said a teacher at the school, near Foxton Street and Avenue J, reported seeing a man carrying two briefcases and acting suspiciously on the school grounds at 7:40 a.