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I don't think there is anything of any use in those briefcases, but I still think that even if there is a slight chance of there being any clues amongst his papers, then obviously the police need to look at them immediately.
The price-tag might bring a tear to many an eye, but this offering from Swedish tannery and sadlery Bo[THORN]ale is not your average briefcase. Made from a single hide of spruce bark tanned Swedish cattle, with a Nordic reindeer skin lining, the County Governor Briefcase also features Italian brass locks, a 15 year guarantee and a free annual service.
"You can look at it and tell," a State Department official said, noting the large number of items inside the briefcases.
Meanwhile, the site says that though Obama did not receive one of the briefcases, he received other gifts, including a medallion known as the King Abdul Aziz Order of Merit.
When the Egyptian officials finally looked inside the briefcases they were astonished to see that they were full of Dollars and Euros banknotes -- at least 2 million Euros and 9 million dollars in cash were arranged in neat bundles inside the briefcases.
The court heard Mrs Odunlami, smartly dressed and carrying a briefcase, was in front with her daughter then husband behind.
One briefcase was later found in the car park of a Mappleborough Green pub.
After months organising a new identity and safe home for Maxine Carr, the Home Office has secret plans scuppered when a senior civil servant's car is broken into and the briefcase containing the documents is stolen.
The conmen initially show the unsuspecting student a laptop in a case and when the victim agrees to hand over the money, the offender then exchanges an identical laptop briefcase filled with bottled water and no laptop.
COPS have tracked down a batch of deadly James Bond-style briefcases which are flooding into Britain.
Officials evacuated workers and spectators until a bomb squad detonated the two briefcases, which did not contain any explosives, reported The Associated Press.
It's compact, elegant and timeless with a visual appearance that will set it far apart from the hordes of "me-too" cases briefcases available," explained Michael Santoro, Chief Creative Officer and President of MacCase.
THE Government wasted almost EUR200,000 of taxpayers' cash on briefcases and personal organisers for civil servants, it was revealed yesterday.
An IBM ThinkPad, laptop computer and two briefcases were taken from a Ford Mondeo in Dog Lane, Bodymoor Heath.