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a path suitable for riding or leading horses (but not for cars)


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4 When the northern edge of the woodland is reached, which is also the Kingston Lacy's estate boundary, follow the bridleway to the left, skirting The Oaks to arrive at a cross-path.
This interesting talk was given by Vicky Allen, president and networks officer of the Leicestershire & Rutland Bridleways Association and a Member of the Leicestershire Local Access Forum's Unrecorded Ways Research Group.
Unnumbered Bridleway Resolven That length of an unnumbered Bridleway in Resolven commencing at point I (Grid Ref.
The stretch of bridleway referred to as being "ancient" was only formally upgraded to a bridleway from a definitive footpath on January 24, 2005, following a lengthy consultation period and Public Enquiry.
The body of 19-year-old Ms Nedic was found by a man walking his dog in a bridleway off Heath End Lane, Snitterfield, on January 13.
The Countryside Commission, who were responsible for planning Britain's first long-distance bridleway, were taking a long time to get their act together and the project needed a boost.
The Kirklees Bridleways Group (KBG) wants the Myers Group to give permission for a bridleway through Honley Woods, which it owns.
A few yards further west, where Seamer Road gives way to Yarm Road, we join the bridleway that runs past Pinewood House and Oakwood House, on our left, and continue ahead through two field gates to take in fine views of the distant Cleveland Hills.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on 3 March 2015 the Council of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne made an Order under Section 14 of the Road Traffiaffiaf c Regulation Act 1984, the effect ef of which will be to prohibit all traffitraf c (vehicles, pedestrians and other traffitraf c) from proceeding on Bridleway 75 from 85 metres north east of Mayfield Avenue to its junction with Hexham Road.
NEATH PORT TALBOT COUNTY BOROUGH COUNCIL (FOOTPATHS 5, 6, 7 AND 17 AND BRIDLEWAY 8 AND UNNUMBERED BRIDLEWAY, RESOLVEN) (TEMPORARY CLOSURES) ORDER 2014 NOTICE is given that the Council in exercise of its powers under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (as amended) intends in not less than 7 days to make an Order which will temporarily close those lengths of Footpaths 5, 6, 7, and 17 and Bridleway 8 and an unnumbered Bridleway, Resolven, Neath as set out in the Schedule to pedestrians, horse riders and pedal cyclists.
At the crossroads, take the first path on the left (following public bridleway sign).
The Society claims that the sport, in which two people are strapped into a giant inflatable ball and rolled down a hill, is ruining their use of an ancient bridleway and making it impossible to ride horses safely in the area.
The Natural Environment and Rural Communities (NERC) Act 2006 makes it illegal to ride a motorcycle or other motor vehicle on anything which is recorded on maps as a bridleway or footpath.
They also said the bunds should be placed further away from the bridleway.