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show anger or indignation

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Some traditional scholars of the German baroque will bridle at the heavy doses of literary theory, but will find a reward in Newman's non-condescending attitude to texts often disqualified as minor and manneristic; by taking them and their project seriously, she is able to evaluate them on their own terms and to demonstrate how and why their nature is fundamentally different from the Renaissance and Enlightenment texts that too often provide the standards for their evaluation.
CONTACT Derwenna Bridle at Menter a Busnes on 01248 672610 or email to book a place.
Bridle off-bottom distance was measured at six positions simultaneously by placing BCS units on the lower bridle at distances of 25, 40, and 50 m forward of the wing tip on both sides of the trawl (Fig.
Thus the value of the bridle contact length was determined as the distance between the wing tip and the point along the bridle at which the interpolated value of off-bottom distance reached the reaction height.
If he comes off the bridle at a relatively early stage, then that's fine; if he's still in touch when coming off the bridle, then we are still fine; if he comes off the bridle and loses ground, leave the bet alone.