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Managing the entry of the Incuity EMI products into the Korean marketplace is an excellent business opportunity for our company," said Jason Hwang, BridgeWare Chief Executive Officer.
Ecometry Corporation today announced a partnership with Quest Software and Taurus Software to incorporate BridgeWare into their migration plans in order to assist customers with data migration from the HPe3000 to open systems.
BridgeWare will help extract, transform and load (ETL) data from the Ecometry Commerce Engine, which may be operating on an Oracle, SQL 2000 or an Image database, to the SQL 2000 database that runs Ecometry's Parallel WebShopper application and/or its Point of Sale Replication Server.
Built on V-ONE's Instant Extranet Server (IXS), which itself is based on RedHat Linux, Bridgeware enables today's physician management systems, such as Medisoft(tm), Lytec(tm) and others, to be accessible over the Internet from anywhere at any time.
OSSnet AF also includes CORBA BridgeWare, a virtual interface that connects network elements to back office applications through CORBA.
We identified third party technologies to round out our product offering and received favourable feedback from the beta test customers for our Bridgeware server product, which connects departmental client/server applications into such a network.
Close behind rehosting come our Bridgeware products which allow customers to extend departmental applications written in Visual Basic or Powerbuilder to COBOL code and data on the mainframe.
BridgeWare generates a complete interface from 4GL applications to COBOL with no manual coding, rewriting or retesting required.