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Synonyms for bridgehead

an area in hostile territory that has been captured and is held awaiting further troops and supplies

a defensive post at the end of a bridge nearest to the enemy

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BridgeHeads advanced technology is complemented by high financial flexibility and customization elements.
Based on its ongoing analysis of the healthcare content management (HCM) market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes BridgeHead Software (BridgeHead) with the 2016 European Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership.
Using a next-generation model for HCM, BridgeHead provides a value proposition that goes beyond medical images to encompass the broader gamut of multimedia and document content produced across an enterprise.
The loss of the bridge was regrettable, but army engineers had already erected pontoon bridges, and the bridgehead kept expanding.
But the American First Army, still working to enlarge the Remagen bridgehead, was told to stand ready for a breakout after March 22.
The Americans expanded the bridgehead while army engineers constructed a bridge connecting the banks during the day.
The helicopter-borne troops will capture the vital airport in the city to secure an air bridgehead to allow more troops to be flown in.
Trowbridge Consulting will take a leadership role within Deloitte's financial services and human capital practices and establish new bridgeheads for this rapidly expanding business.
BridgeHead Software announces Webinar series on balancing healthcare data storage costs with compliance, access requirements
BridgeHead Software, a leading developer of healthcare data management software, today announced a Webinar series focused on the data management challenges presented by escalating EHR adoption.
NeoScale Systems, the trusted leader in enterprise storage security solutions, and BridgeHead Software, a leading archival storage management software company, today announced the delivery of an integrated solution for securing sensitive backup data for the healthcare industry.
The integrated encryption and backup solution with NeoScale and BridgeHead Software addresses important security and confidentiality needs of the healthcare industry," said Patrick Dowling, senior vice president, marketing, BridgeHead Software.
The new members are BridgeHead Software, a provider of multiplatform storage management solutions, and CommVault Systems, a leading provider of unified data management solutions.
Founded in 1994, BridgeHead Software provides storage management solutions to fulfill the needs of today's sophisticated computing landscape.