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Synonyms for bridgehead

an area in hostile territory that has been captured and is held awaiting further troops and supplies

a defensive post at the end of a bridge nearest to the enemy

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With 25 years' experience, BridgeHead delivers data management solutions that help healthcare organisations overcome the challenges stemming from rising data volumes, lack of system interoperability, and increasing storage costs, delivering peace of mind around how to extract, consolidate, store, protect and access clinical and administrative information.
This operation succeeded due to a degree of surprise; extensive preparation, coordination, and representation with coalition partners; flexible planning, with decision points identified by clear criteria; the ability to adjust schedules; traffic management through successful blocking and traffic control points implemented by Afghan and coalition partners; organization by effective mission command and liaison vehicles located with the tactical command post and crossing site commander; and the speed with which all parties fulfilled their respective tasks within the crossing area and bridgehead line.
Daily examples: "In the neighborhood in which we live, we cannot relax for a moment!" Or: "In a neighborhood like ours we need the atom bomb!" Moshe Dayan, who had a poetic streak, said two generations ago in the most important speech of his life: "We are a generation of settlers, and without the steel helmet and the cannon we cannot plant a tree and build a house...This is the fate of our generation, the choice of our life -- to be prepared and armed, strong and tough, or otherwise the sword will slip from our fist and our life will be snuffed out." In another speech, a few years later, Dayan clarified that he did not mean just one generation -- but many to come, endlessly -- the typical bridgehead mentality which knows no borders, neither in space nor in time.
The acquired business, which will now be known as GfK Bridgehead, is a market access consultancy that serves global companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics industries.
Explaining the new venture in context, Lars Pampel, Chief Executive Officer of Bridgehead Administration Ltd and Director of Investor Relations (Alternative Investments) at Royal Investment Bank Ltd, said that improving market visibility and raising capital in the Middle East has always been difficult, even for a large number of 'best of breed' funds.
The London Clinic has invested in BridgeHead MediStore(TM), and BridgeHead Integrated Disaster Recovery (BridgeHead IDR), to support its existing investment in BridgeHead Integrated Serverless Backup (ISB).
EoACA[pounds sterling]The Medical Archive solution that we [BridgeHead and Dell] bring embodies our collective ethos of supporting and underpinning the Electronic Patient Record and empowering IT at healthcare organisations of all sizes to meet their growing storage needs without compromising on current hardware brand or media type,EoACA[yen] said Tony Cotterill, CEO of BridgeHead Software.
The loss of the bridge was regrettable, but army engineers had already erected pontoon bridges, and the bridgehead kept expanding.
A philosopher of science who studied under Karl Popper in Britain, he considers such matters as whether science is a rational enterprise, ideas and experiments in science, why to invent alternatives to unrefuted theories, realism and surrealism about science, Popper's critical realism, Einstein's influence on philosophy, Russell on mathematics as a bridgehead against skeptics, and whether theological notions are explanatory.
Min also said that the state-run bank is looking to acquire a bank in Uzbekistan in order to secure a bridgehead in the East Europe project-financing market, the report added.
The main opposition party chief Chung Sye Kyun said, ''In today's by-elections, we secured the bridgehead for a victory in next year's local elections.''
The UAE will be a strategic bridgehead for the VoiceCash operations in the Middle East region as the UAE are clearly on the move towards a cashless society.
Bridgehead Software, a provider of disaster recovery and archiving technologies to users of electronic health records, announced today the launch of its new BH OfficeStore solution suite, designed to provide a single, unified platform for the long term data management of administrative content generated from office productivity applications.
WALES will benefit from the London Olympics if it uses the Games as a "bridgehead" to bring sport into education, Sebastian Coe insisted yesterday.
With a squadron of tanks in support, on March 17, 4/15th Punjabis were ordered to force a crossing and establish a bridgehead on the far bank.