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Synonyms for bridgehead

an area in hostile territory that has been captured and is held awaiting further troops and supplies

a defensive post at the end of a bridge nearest to the enemy

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This operation succeeded due to a degree of surprise; extensive preparation, coordination, and representation with coalition partners; flexible planning, with decision points identified by clear criteria; the ability to adjust schedules; traffic management through successful blocking and traffic control points implemented by Afghan and coalition partners; organization by effective mission command and liaison vehicles located with the tactical command post and crossing site commander; and the speed with which all parties fulfilled their respective tasks within the crossing area and bridgehead line.
Like their predecessors coming from the West, the Zionists had a bridgehead mentality from the start, and have it to this day.
Bridgehead had identified a gap in the market for an adult snack that did not contain "all the carbohydrate you get in other snacks such as sandwiches", said director Lorraine Beaton.
The London Clinic has invested in BridgeHead MediStore(TM), and BridgeHead Integrated Disaster Recovery (BridgeHead IDR), to support its existing investment in BridgeHead Integrated Serverless Backup (ISB).
Bridgehead Software, a provider of disaster recovery and archiving technologies to users of electronic health records, announced today the launch of its new BH OfficeStore solution suite, designed to provide a single, unified platform for the long term data management of administrative content generated from office productivity applications.
Here, clearly it's important also to use the Games as a bridgehead into education, and certainly into health-related fitness.
With a squadron of tanks in support, on March 17, 4/15th Punjabis were ordered to force a crossing and establish a bridgehead on the far bank.
At the same time, it's a good bridgehead to support our goal of expanding in Eastern Europe.
Rico Logistics, whose central distribution hub is in Oldbury, has established a bridgehead in the Spanish market.
According to BridgeHead Software's Annual Information Lifecycle Management Audit, backup data in organizations is so voluminous that it is disrupting business by tying up systems, storage, and network capacity and consuming valuable IT resources.
JJWild served as the primary systems integrator, leading the efforts of its technology partners, BridgeHead, EMC and HP.
Thatcher told the Commons this afternoon: "Our forces on the ground are now moving forward from the bridgehead.
The London NYC on West 54th Street is a bridgehead - the first of three planned restaurants in the US.
For the HKAA, the deal represents another key bridgehead into the promising mainland air travel market after last year's HK$1.
BridgeHead Software and OptoMedia have a collaborative partnership to produce a complete storage management suite in a single appliance, codenamed Bulldog, bringing the best of enterprise class file and email archiving and document management within the reach of small to medium sized businesses (SMBs).