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Antonyms for bridgeable

capable of being connected by a bridge or as if by a bridge


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The divide that separates America is bridgeable but, in Obama, we have no Moses.
2) Malcolm Bradbury, 'The Bridgeable Gap, The Times Literary Supplement, January 17, 1992.
We went through several weeks of very intense negotiations whereby the $20 million got narrowed to $5 million and we began to have some hope that the last $5 million might be bridgeable and that the deal might be closed.
But, aided by the Champions League, it has widened the gap between the haves and have-nots into a chasm bridgeable only by a billionaire prepared to become an overnight millionaire.
The difference is bridgeable, thanks in part to the fence.
The gap between the theoretical and empirical parts of the book is no doubt bridgeable but I am not convinced the construction here achieves this.
In his report, Lamy focussed on the impasse in reductions in industrial tariffs (known as the NAMA issue) and found gaps between developed countries and major developing countries (China, India, and Brazil) to be "not bridgeable today.
I believe we are confronted with a clear political gap which, as things stand, under the NAMA framework currently on the table, and from what I have heard in my consultations, is not bridgeable today," Lamy added.
Environmental genotoxicants/carcinogens and childhood cancer: bridgeable gaps in scientific knowledge.
Do you think the rift between Fatah and Hamas is bridgeable under the current circumstances?
I don't deny there are differences in our positions, but I believe they are bridgeable," Peres was quoted as saying by the AFP.
In my opinion, Geertz's rhetoric of "a single attitude" or/and "illuminating connection" is more a convenient methodic presumption than an articulated theoretical device able to convince Schutz that his ontological break is after all bridgeable.