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Antonyms for bridgeable

capable of being connected by a bridge or as if by a bridge


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The human development and infrastructure gap between India and other major emerging economies such as Brazil and China are considerable but bridgeable.
The gap is still bridgeable but another situation like Australia or Canada and Nico's lead might just start to get too big.
But in practice, what theoretically sounds bridgeable may not be so easy, particularly given the legacy of distrust and the scope of the Iranian nuclear program.
When it appeared that the positions were not at a bridgeable distance on this critical issue, veteran negotiator Brahimi shifted the focus to less controversial issues where a common ground was likely to be found -- namely the humanitarian catastrophe in Homs.
Checkland found out from one of his case studies that it is important to move quickly and lightly through all the methodological stages, several times if necessary, in order to engineer a bridgeable gap between 'what is' and 'what might be'.
The divide that separates America is bridgeable but, in Obama, we have no Moses.
2) Malcolm Bradbury, 'The Bridgeable Gap, The Times Literary Supplement, January 17, 1992.
We went through several weeks of very intense negotiations whereby the $20 million got narrowed to $5 million and we began to have some hope that the last $5 million might be bridgeable and that the deal might be closed.
Despite Frum's devotion to the GOP, the gulf between his ideas and actually existing Republicanism may not always be bridgeable.
The difference is bridgeable, thanks in part to the fence.
The gap between the theoretical and empirical parts of the book is no doubt bridgeable but I am not convinced the construction here achieves this.
In his report, Lamy focussed on the impasse in reductions in industrial tariffs (known as the NAMA issue) and found gaps between developed countries and major developing countries (China, India, and Brazil) to be "not bridgeable today.