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a card player in a game of bridge

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The wealthy Lester Trapp is a dedicated bridge player who, in his 70s, has suffered diabetes and gone blind, but it does not stop him from his regular bridge games and his great nephew, Anton Richards, aged 17, is employed by him, to be his driver and cardturner.
Every bridge player learns basic card techniques but the real trick to mastering bridge is to learn which technique to use on any given deal.
Clubbed to Death" is the story of one Detective Whittaker and his investigation of a murder of a professional bridge player.
His favourite treat from series one came when he hypnotised and coached an old lady to turn her from a modest bridge player into world-class poker player.
In fact, he's a world-class bridge player who's been known to postpone film shoots to attend tournaments.
Florence Munson, 96, is a devoted bridge player and will be participating in the 12th annual Burbank Senior Games.
A few days later his mother, Joan, a champion bridge player who was in her 70s, changed her will, leaving almost everything to another son, Christopher.
She was an avid gardener and bridge player who took great pride in the accomplishments of her husband and the family winery.
Sharif, who is also an internationally known bridge player, has acted in more than 80 films, helmed by directors such as Anthony Mann, William Wyler, Blake Edwards, Richard Lester, the Zucker brothers and Sidney Lumet.
A winning bridge player at the world championship in Montreal loses her silver medal after refusing to take a drug test.
At the research level, Ginsberg, who is a strong bridge player himself, has developed a program called GIB, for Goren in a Box (named after Charles H.
He was an avid competitive bridge player and instructor, having attained the rank of Gold Life Master.
Mr Bowen said there was seemingly a serious assault on a Merlins Bridge player and he felt he had no choice but to end the game.
She was a full member until moving to live in Almondbury when she joined Woodsome Hall - she is also a keen bridge player.
Doris, who was an avid bridge player, loved nothing more than spending time with her family and, until the age of 92, would cook Sunday lunch.