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one of a pair of bridge players who are on the same side of the game

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the Dalai Lama's bridge partner, consultant to President George Bush on matters concerning the establishment of a Department of Peace, Bono's lead guitarist - gosh, I'd do these jobs for free.
Now instead of knocking on an attorney's front door, I go in through the back door--by referral from a golf partner, bridge partner or next-door neighbor.
And he is putting most of his fortune in the hands of his even-wealthier bridge partner, Microsoft supremo Gates.
At a workshop held in Bangkok in June 2005, ITC presented a set of "e-tools" to E-trade Bridge partner agencies in 12 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
If may be your spouse, a bridge partner, a neighbor--anyone.
The bridge partner you discover in the afternoon becomes your disco partner that night.
Along with his bridge partner Bill Gates, the O r a c l e o f Omaha is c o a x i n g A m e r i c a 's richest to give away half their wealth to charity.
Bill Gates of Microsoft remained top with a net worth of EUR57 billion (pounds 31.8 billion), outpacing friend and bridge partner, investor Warren Buffett, who stayed at number two, with EUR50 billion (pounds 27.9 billion).
Mrs Parker was described by her bridge partner as having a "razor sharp" mind although she was weak.
Mrs Parker, who played bridge at national tournament level, was described by her bridge partner as having a 'razor sharp' mind and although she was weak, was 'totally lucid'.
Spinster Joan Wathews, 74, was in the passenger seat when Winifred, her bridge partner, collapsed.
SUPER MARIO: Scorer Stanic has Bridge partner Celestine Babayaro on a high after the goal which enabled Chelsea to progress to round four at the expense of Middlesbrough; OFF AND STUNNING: Keeper Carlo Cudicini is astounded to see red after his clash with Dean Windass