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the cards held in a game of bridge

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At this point, the Bridge hand is scored according to how many tricks each team took and whether the declarer's team took as many tricks as it promised to take during the bidding.
Playing a Bridge hand can be like piloting a ship through a rock strewn passage.
The Glenrothes player said: "I've got a mosquito bite on my bridge hand and it was pretty difficult out there.
And the arrival of Chelsea will bring back more bad memories as 10 months ago Hart was axed for seven games by boss Manuel Pellegrini after a high-profile late blunder at Stamford Bridge handed Jose Mourinho's men victory.
Mark Bridge handed Port a 12th minute lead but Arwel Jones and Jac Jones turned the tables for the Caernarfon area villagers.
Guy Leve's THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CARD PLAY TECHNIQUES AT BRIDGE (1897106254, $33.95) was originally published in France in 2005 and offers up the author's years of experience collecting and cataloging bridge hands to describe all possible tactics and coups available to players during a bridge deal.
Andrew Bridge handed the Eagles the perfect start to the second period when his three-pointer gave the home side their first lead of the game.
Earlier in the day, the group Rainbow Bridge handed over to the government office supporting the abductees three letters from the children written in Korean and some 20 photos taken when the group's senior member Hiroyuki Kosaka met them on Monday in Pyongyang.
Bridge handed in a transfer request when Chelsea came in with a third bid which Southampton could not turn down.
Fred Gitelman's Master Class: Lessons From The Bridge Table (1897106017, $17.95) provides a pro's step-by-step coverage of bridge hands. His observations on partners and opponents alike, from world champions to famous amateurs, lends to an analysis covering both Canadian and US methods and players, and providing step-by-step descriptions of bridge plays and their pros and cons.
For years she would frequently swim across the lake to the beach with her entire family, sailed Butterfly sailboats competitively, and played thousands of bridge hands from duplicate in her twenties to social fun for decades.