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the cards held in a game of bridge

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The world champion comfortably negotiated his opening match with a 9-2 victory over fellow Essex professional Ali Carter and said: ``These blisters really hurt when I put my bridge hand on the baize.
The Glenrothes player said: "I've got a mosquito bite on my bridge hand and it was pretty difficult out there.
I used to practise with the rest, making a bridge hand, copying what they were doing on the table and that is what got me interested.
GIB can analyze a bridge hand in about a second and a half," Ginsberg says.
OFF-ROAD DECLARER PLAY: UNUSUAL WAYS TO PLAY A BRIDGE HAND is for intermediate to advanced bridge players seeking less well-known stratagems to enhance the bridge move, from creating entries and surviving bad trump breaks to getting the defenders to help.
Playing a Bridge hand can be like piloting a ship through a rock strewn passage.
95) was originally published in France in 2005 and offers up the author's years of experience collecting and cataloging bridge hands to describe all possible tactics and coups available to players during a bridge deal.