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an upper deck where a ship is steered and the captain stands

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During the acceleration tests, the degree of damage to the experimental bridge deck was judged visually by engineers in accordance with the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's guidelines for the periodic inspection of bridges, and estimated according to these results, as well as the results of an AI-based analysis.
Transportation agencies have found the material especially effective in besting conventional concretes for precast bridge deck connections.
Evaluating the amount of debonding area developed in the bridge deck is very important to determine proper timing and methods for repair or rehabilitation.
Kunin, "Rehabilitation and field testing of an FRP bridge deck on a truss bridge," Composite Structures, vol.
"Obviously, building the bridge deck is such an integral part of the project.
He said: "We are moving into a really exciting phase of the bridge-building programme now as work is progressing in the river on the main pylon foundations, and the panels for the bridge deck are being delivered every day.
Another important problem in the design of multispan cable-stayed bridges is the large temperature deformation in the long bridge deck. The commonly used structural measure to reduce the temperature effects is the application of partially longitudinal constraints between the bridge deck and part of bridge towers such as the Millau Viaduct Bridge in France and the Jiashao Bridge in China.
The cable-stayed bridge--the first such bridge in Ontario--uses towers to hold up the bridge deck with a series of cables, similar to a suspension bridge.
GPR can be used for the detection of reinforcement depth, its level of corrosion and the deterioration of concrete; IR thermography is used to map delamination within the bridge deck. Both tests are performed at normal road speeds up to 50mph (80kph) and data are collected using a suitably equipped vehicle making a series of passes along the road in each lane to collate data across the width of the deck.
Coventry City Council has released the video showing the construction of the new PS14.9m bridge deck at junction six of the city's ring-road, outside the train station.
From each tower, 34 stay cables radiate downwards in each of the four planes to support the bridge deck. The interval between every two cables is 16.2 m at the height of the bridge deck.
Longitudinal early age cracking of concrete repair sections adjacent to bridge deck expansion dam replacements (Figure 1) has been observed on several newly rehabilitated bridge decks.
The work which began in October 2012, involved the refurbishment of the old railway bridge deck; the removal of the existing cantilevered walkways, parapets and stone ballast; steelwork repair; surface preparation; repainting and a new bridge deck surface and drainage system.