bridge circuit

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a circuit consisting of two branches (4 arms arranged in a diamond configuration) across which a meter is connected

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Expensive bridge circuits with analog-to-digital conversion are replaced by a simple comparator unit with pulse-time evaluation by means of a reasonable digital time converter.
Based on sinusoidal commutation, motor drive power is developed within a MOSFET power bridge circuit, which contours the output for each motor coil.
Most other pressure sensors transmit measurements using four piezoresistive elements arranged in a Wheatstone bridge circuit.
The PWM signal controls the top switch in the half bridge circuit while the inverse of this signal controls the bottom switch in the circuit.
In the case of the Wheatstone's bridge circuit, the current of the supply source [bar.
As shown in Figure 3, the Wheatstone bridge circuit, traditionally used with strain gages, is deceptively simple.
The series meets both SAE J211 impact testing and SAE J2570 anthropomorphic testing standards and features an advanced monolithic MEMS sensor design with integral mechanical stops for ruggedness, stability and reliability (US patents 4,498,229 and 4,605,919), incorporating a full bridge circuit with fixed resistors for shunt calibration.
The tiltmeter works somewhat like a level; using a liquid-filled glass tube with a gas bubble as a sensor, it is attached to electrodes that create a resistive bridge circuit that detects both the positions of the bubble and the excitations in the earth.
Six interchangeable test port heads (male and female for each connector standard) are precision tuned to the internal bridge circuit.
To do this, a Wheatstone bridge circuit must be created.
Temperature variations are sensed by incorporating the filament into a Wheatstone bridge circuit.
The processing equation of the quasi-balanced bridge circuit has been derived, and then built the circuit's layout.
However, as more and better electronic components became available, a true bridge circuit became less necessary, especially at low frequencies.