bridge circuit

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a circuit consisting of two branches (4 arms arranged in a diamond configuration) across which a meter is connected

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No matter how other GaN providers manufacture their products, they will have to consider Transphorm's GaN bridge circuit patent family for bridge applications, by far the largest market segment for high voltage GaN.
The Model SDT transducer indicates the level of liquid by continuously measuring hydrostatic pressure via its sensing dement, an ion implanted silicon semiconductor sensor with integral Wheatstone Bridge circuit.
The sensor uses piezoresistance in a full bridge circuit to detect pressure, and requires just two pins to measure differential voltage.
The bridge circuit is simple, reliability is high, and changes in output sensitivity caused by temperature variations are automatically compensated.
Most external hard drives require the addition of a bridge circuit board to convert the hard drive's PATA interface into a USB interface.
Our customers need a switching platform that provides a clear migration strategy and path to bridge circuit switched and IP networks.
Many experiments followed, implementing a variety of volumetric, pressure, piezoresistive, silicon flow sensors and MEMs technology, whilst recalculating electronic bridge circuits with various strain gauges; a good engineering grounding.
Additionally, Asia Netcom's dealer voice solution supports automatic ring-down, hoot'n-holler and hoot'n-holler with conference bridge circuits to fit the diversified needs of business operations.
The new family uses the latest super-junction technology to enable a small form factor with higher efficiency than ever before and its robust built-in diode at high dv/dt conditions can improve the reliability of industrial bridge circuits.
Homan, Applications of Coaxial Chokes to AC Bridge Circuits, J.