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a wedding present to the bride

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The ritually exchanged bride-gifts cemented reciprocal kin relations and provided the new couple with some basic household commodities such as hammocks or blankets, together with a set of woman's clothes and a small emergency fund (usually spent on children's illnesses) in the form of jewelry.
Unlike other Maya regions, such as highland Chiapas, where young men become indebted to their relatives in order to obtain the bride-gifts needed to marry, among Caste War Maya bride-gifts were easily obtainable and affordable.
Although he asked for her in the customary way, with the required marital arrangements, visits, and bride-gifts for the bride and her family, the couple had only about three months of happy marriage.
Rather than (or in addition to) the bride-gifts given to the bride and her family, the couple's extended families and community members provided individual gifts for the couple at the marriage ceremony.
As I eventually realized, for Caste War Maya regalos referred exclusively to items given to a couple at a Mexican- or Yucatec-style wedding reception, not to muhul, or bride-gifts provided in a Maya marriage.