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money or property given (in some societies) by the bridegroom to the family of his bride

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MERU CULTURE And after negotiations, which took several hours, the Senator, then Igembe South MP, agreed to pay Sh100,000 bride price.
'We are praying the court to order them to return the N90,000 bride price and N50,000 my client spent on their daughter during their courtship.
He called for the nation and society to embrace this and ensure that going forward every man that goes for a lady's hand in marriage is asked to provide a clean cooking stove as part of the Bride Price.
In South Sudan, young girls between the ages of 16 to 17 are often forced to get married by parents who receive bride price.
Just over one in three African girls marry before the age of 18, most commonly in poor, rural families which often receive a bride price or dowry in exchange for their daughter.
Or are they simply trying to reduce the bride price?" Kamran Rafique, commenting on the Arab News story on Facebook, said even the reduced SR50,000 dowry is beyond the reach of many would-be husbands.
$AU800) (2) and declared a ban on using cash in bride price payments.
Originally the husband paid a bride price to the wife's father, but eventually a dowry system developed, with payments from the wife's family to the husband's family.
There also have been reports that they were forced to marry fighters who paid a nominal bride price equivalent to $12.
The second section continues with a discussion of the bride price which elucidates the conclusions made before (pp.
"Throwing expensive parties on occasions of childbirths and memorial functions and giving thousands of dollars as bride price are waste of money." Bano said spending huge money on such occasions severely affected economy of the poor and common people and forced them to work hard or travel abroad to pay the costs.
A bride price (called "Mhr") is normally fixed at the time of the negotiations by the family of the bride, which in most cases is settled in terms of cash payment and would be amicably sanctioned as refund to be made by the bride's family in the event of a failed relationship and eventual divorce from the husband.
According to the report, which was carried out between the months May and November in 2013, Turkish men who already one or two spouses married with Syrian women in return for low amounts of bride price; TL 5,000.
Under the match-making program, the state government pays the traditional bride price, provides brides with furniture and seed money to start a small business.
A man whose wife had run off demanded that her father return the cows he had provided as a bride price. Another man stood accused of letting his cows graze on public land marked for conservation.