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money or property given (in some societies) by the bridegroom to the family of his bride

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At other times, blood-wealth exceeded bride price (Deng 2010: 153).
Young girls, a resource with which their parents can attain greater wealth, are married off a young age, for the bride price and also as a way for parents to lessen their economic burdens (UNICEF 2005; Mathur & Malhotra 2003).
Yet two years later, a shadow report on the implementation of CEDAW (the Convention on all Forms of Discrimination Against Women) produced by several local non-government organisations (NGOs), including Christian women's associations such as the Anglican Mothers Union and the Church of Christ Women's Fellowship, adjudged that the Malvatumauri's ban was ineffective: 'The discriminatory bride price is still in practice and the State has not legislated against it' (Vanuatu NGO 2007:4).
The second section continues with a discussion of the bride price which elucidates the conclusions made before (pp.
Throwing expensive parties on occasions of childbirths and memorial functions and giving thousands of dollars as bride price are waste of money.
A bride price (called "Mhr") is normally fixed at the time of the negotiations by the family of the bride, which in most cases is settled in terms of cash payment and would be amicably sanctioned as refund to be made by the bride's family in the event of a failed relationship and eventual divorce from the husband.
Under the match-making program, the state government pays the traditional bride price, provides brides with furniture and seed money to start a small business.
A man whose wife had run off demanded that her father return the cows he had provided as a bride price.
The ancient customs of her gypsy people prevent her breaking this promise or she will bring shame upon her family when they have to return the $15,000 bride price that was given many years ago, and she would risk being disowned by her family.
In Vedic times, the custom of bride price was known, but not held in esteem it was condemned vehemently by the leaders of society.
Traditional marriage ceremonies occurred only after both families agreed to the marriage, and bride price solidified the marriage and new relationship between families.
Melines' bride price had been paid when she was just three years of age.
But it is at this fair, held twice each year, that the Kalaidzhi (as the estimated 18,000 Thracian tinkers are known) conduct the complex negotiations on a bride price that traditionally lead to marriage.
But the eight cows paid for her as a bride price mean that she is neither.