bridal wreath

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Chilean evergreen shrub having delicate spikes of small white flowers

shrub having copious small white flowers in spring

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The saga begins in volume one, The Bridal Wreath, and extends and develops in the remaining two volumes, The Mistress of Husaby and The Cross.
From one side, the startlingly blue Salvia neurepia Oxford grabs you, from another the feathery Astilbe Bridal Wreath is what draws your eye.
Before I became a parent, I'd raise the shade and praise God for creating spring's pink peonies or summer's singing robins or autumn's multicolored Bridal Wreath bushes or winter's lacy ice patterns.
Set in medieval Norway, the trilogy consists of Kransen (1920; The Bridal Wreath; U.K.
The seventh shot, aimed at a dove, would have killed Agathe, but her bridal wreath deflects it, and Caspar dies instead.
The other species, including the popular "bridal wreath," usually bloom later in the spring and usually in tandem with the azaleas, which is absolutely stunning.
Using sharp pruners, cut budding branches of bridal wreath spiraea, flowering quince, forsythia, honeysuckle, pussywillow, and service-berry.
Along the south side of the Carmichael house, next to a wooded area, a solid mass of "bridal wreath" spiraea measuring 50 feet long and 10 feet high creates the illusion of a snow-covered bank.
If needed, prune bridal wreath spiraea, forsythia, lilac, mock orange, quince, and wiegela immediately after flowering.