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Synonyms for brick

kind person


brick something up

Words related to brick

rectangular block of clay baked by the sun or in a kiln

a good fellow

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GREYHOUNDS NEWCASTLE 6.28 (480m): Kewell Victory, Bricky's Princess, Scolari's Ash, Nyla Orson, Seacht Dearg (W), Humble Pie (W).
Jimmy Nail may have been a rubbish singer with an ant eater's hooter - but he wasn't half bad at playing a Geordie bricky.
It was one of three carefully deposited but partially dismembered skeletons found on levelled-off, bricky debris in what had been the reception suite (room 20) of an official of some status, apparently responsible for the Area FS building.
It was a typewriter; and peering over a bricky gulf I saw a man in his shirt-sleeves, which were held neatly above the elbow by expanding bands, sitting on a tidy pile of rubble, the typewriter on a broken girder, clean white paper fluttering from the rim of the machine.
They were hammered by Venture Community in the Nizam-Druid sponsored Welsh National League Division 2 clash played at the "Bricky's" Court Road ground, in Wrexham.
Se usaron 74516 elementos en total, donde 71569 fueron elementos bricky 2947 fueron elementos shell.
They took us to a high school with a nice little bank, curvy ledge, and steep, sketchy bricky drop-in with a bump in the middle.
This pre-eminence as a writer, or more specifically compiler, rather than practitioner, is duly confirmed by his own building endeavours which were few in number and quickly dumbed down from the Czech-inspired white cuboids of Torilla and Shangri-La into a workaday bricky pragmatism of quite stunning banality, with flat roofs that began leaking soon after completion.
The one where a northern bricky will put on his best, and possibly only suit, and rub shoulders with stockbrokers in Armani's best.
The first lorry load of concrete was delivered on June 24, 1999, and as work progressed with Pete employing a builder, a bricky and a carpenter for the jobs he couldn't do alone, the house began to take shape.
And that was before the official launch of the BRICKY in Chicago this month, which was marked by the letting off of 500,000 fireworks.
The peculiar seductiveness of this culture, with its promise of limitless opportunity and freedom, is suggested in Ford's description of "the bricky warp of these American cities....
"Kevin is a good old fashioned 'bricky' lawyer, supremely honest and totally reliable...
It's a good, solid job, well built with the use of reclaimed bricks which takes a good bricky to make a nice job of.