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having little elasticity

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Present results confirm recently published evidence based on trace element signatures of otolith cores of austral hake collected in Chilean and Falkland Islands' waters (Brickle et al., 2016).
Katie Brickle says her favourite room at her Cardiff home is her bathroom
Some of the distinctive behavioral activities performed by peacocks are seasonal moulting and re-growth of train feathers, and lekking, a process of congregation of males in an open area to display them to attract the female (Brickle, 2002; Yasmin and Yahya, 1996).
Danescourt beat Pentyrch 4-2 with goals from Jack Brickle (3) and Kara Pathak.
Not only is he a sharp-dressed fella named Brickle, he also holds 4GB, 8GB or 16GB of storage.
The Vermont-based ice cream maker was quick to churn out flavors for Jimmy Fallon (Late Night Snack), Stephen Colbert (Americone Dream), "Saturday Night Live" (Schweddy Balls), Jerry Garcia (Cherry Garcia), Phish (Phish Food), Elton John (Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road), Willie Nelson (Country Peach Cobbler) and John Lennon (Imagine Whirled Peace).
The Trueblood Sexual Attitudes Questionnaire explores changes in attitudes after completing a human sexuality course (Hannon, Hall, Gonzalez, & Cacciapaglia, 1999), and the Cross Cultural Attitudes Scale addresses conservative and liberal sexual attitudes (Leiblum, Wiegel, & Brickle, 2003).
Batoid feeding habits have been the subject of several studies (McEachran et al., 1976; Muto et al., 2001; Brickle et al., 2003; Braccini and Perez, 2005; Robinson et al., 2007; Moura et al., 2008).
Teachers Sarah Brickle, Jonathon Woodhead, Jayne Dews and Michelle Cappetta all rushed 1 to her aid last Friday.
(7) Books such as How to Brickle (1977) made a mockery of the car and the whole episode, as did songs such as Charlie Russell's "The Bricklin" (1975), whose chorus went: O' the Bricklin ...
• Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road – Chocolate Ice Cream, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, Butter Brickle & White Chocolate Chunks
Even though he has diabetes, 79-year-old Springfield resident Melvin Barnes was able to take advantage of the buffet's diabetic friendly section, nabbing a sugar-free butter brickle ice cream.
Colleen Brickle, program chair of dental hygiene and interim dean of health sciences at Normandale Community College in Bloomington, Minn., was the recipient of three prestigious awards in her profession this year.