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a craftsman skilled in building with bricks

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The bricklayer came and pulled up a great many bricks, but found nothing amiss; so he put down some lime and charged the master five shillings, and the smell in my box was as bad as ever.
He did not long remain a bricklayer, however, for he could not endure the life, and next we find him a soldier in the Netherlands.
Ryan Taylor, 19, from Doncaster, begins work at Ashmeade Park in Pontefract as a bricklayer while Elliott Sheard, 18 , of Liversedge, joins as a bricklayer apprentice on the Oaklands development in Pontefract.
Apprentice bricklayer Owen Corbett will join the Rise development in Newcastle, while Daniel Murphy will start as an apprentice joiner at La Sagesse, the David Wilson Homes development in the Jesmond area of the city.
Initially working as an apprentice bricklayer, Ray has worked his way up the management ladder and has been with for Bellway for the past 18 years.
An Australian inventor has created the world's first robotic bricklayer.
Mitchell, aged 20 from Sheldon, is a full-time bricklayer who was spotted singing at an Open Mic night - still in his work clothes and high-vis jacket.
Striker Austin (left) was promoted QPR's player of the season and he is ready to join the world's richest league - five years after working as a bricklayer.
While the levy does add about $15 to the cost of building a house, this is more than offset by the benefit to consumers of reducing delays to construction caused by bricklayer shortages.
As a bricklayer, your work would include measuring the work area and setting out the first rows of bricks (courses) and the damp course, mixing mortar by hand or with a mechanical mixer, laying the bricks on top of each other and applying the mortar with a trowel, shaping and trimming bricks using hammers, chisels and power tools and checking that courses are straight using water or laser spirit levels and plumb lines.
The association (MAF) coordinated a host of industry events across Florida for the day: Spec Mix Bricklayer 500 at the A1 Block plant in Sanford, determining "Who is Florida's best bricklayer?
A bricklayer may consider themselves to be a builder or a construction worker, with seemingly little difference between the titles.
Dean Jones, an apprentice bricklayer, won the regional final of the annual Guild of Bricklayers Junior Contest, held at The College Ystrad Mynach.
Her new opera, Bricklayer, opened at the Houston Grand Opera March 15.
As she left a local dance, the 20-year-old was chatted up by bricklayer Abraham Thornton, 24, who offered to walk her home.