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a fragment of brick used as a weapon

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blunt criticism

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He came back presently and said his principal was charmed with the idea of brickbats at three-quarters of a mile, but must decline on account of the danger to disinterested parties passing between them.
Although the mare had been raised 12lb for her easy win at the previous Wetherby meeting, Reveley, unlike many trainers, was not throwing any brickbats at Phil Smith, who handicaps the chasers.
I imagine Jackie will ignore the brickbats thrown her way.
BURY fans border on the grumpy at the best of times, so it was no surprise when the brickbats flew in Neil Warnock's direction after the Shakers surrendered to Oldham last week.
They don't write, they don't throw brickbats. They're what's known as "the silent majority".
OVER the years, Folkestone has received many brickbats, some fair, some unfair.
The vast majority of psychiatrists are brave people who deserve support, not brickbats.
England's former wing wizard looked set for more brickbats until Cooke levelled a fierce Lancashire derby ten minutes from time.
His behaviour on the field also earned brickbats. Police interviewed him when he allegedly swore at fans after scoring a goal against Arsenal at Highbury.
Editorial page brickbats descended from the Hartford Courant ("Bureaucrats Gone Berserk") and the Dallas Morning News (OSHA "once again has emerged as a poster child for a federal bureaucracy run amok"), among others.
If her visit to Bosnia is as successful as her trip to Angola, she will deserve thanks, not brickbats.
Referees are not often at the top of football fans' popularity charts, and they accept the brickbats from supporters are likely to outweigh the bouquets.
He was a prolific contributor to the pioneering web magazine Suck, where he shared a masthead with Reason Editor at Large Nick Gillespie and drew the illustration for the iconic tagline, "A fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun." At Reason, he has illustrated the short stories of abuse by authorities in the Brickbats section since 2006.
HIGHLY acclaimed, uplifting standup comedian and broadcaster Stephen K Amos is back from his world tour and hits the road with his brand-new tour Bouquets and Brickbats. His main aim is to cheer us up, for a moment, and try to help us forget what a mess the world finds itself in right now.