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a fragment of brick used as a weapon

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blunt criticism

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However, in an effort to redress the balance I have decided to have a bouquets and brickbats section each week with the emphasis on the bouquets.
According to reports, 25 people have been injured in the incident, in which bombs and brickbats were used.
Your correspondent Mr Trefor Davies is at it again, throwing brickbats and verbal crackers at would-be frackers, whilst extolling the imminent destruction of Wales' greatest asset: its landscape (letter August 16).
The daily sacrifices of such parents deserve nothing short of admiration - not the brickbats of officialdom.
They said at least 30 policemen were injured during the clash that left over three dozen protesters wounded who used brickbats and stones.
AS the ongoing house building mania gathers pace, it is understandable that people are lobbing brickbats and venting their spleens at councils, but they are the wrong targets.
No wonder Abhishek is irritated with the brickbats as they seek to poison what is clearly an immensely happy phase for the doting parents.
THE winner of the caption competition in Rodney Masters' Brickbats & Bouquets of 2011, published in the edition of December 30 is Mr David Snushall of Gerrards Cross, Bucks.
skirmishes and brickbats between pro and against protest groups.
Still, this year's Eugene Celebration deserves other bouquets and brickbats, at least from one reveler's point of view.
I wondered how long it would take for the national brickbats to come out for part of Liverpool''s redevelopment.
And - more brickbats I'm afraid - there's the Damian Green affair during which the Tory MP was told by detectives he was staring down the barrel of a life sentence for leaking Government information.
But more significant, the brickbats also came from economic and political leaders of European allies like Germany and France.
Entitled Remote/rural nursing in Australia--bouquets and brickbats, Rewi shared her experiences over the Last two years of taking short-term contracts in remote communities in Australia.