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shaped like a brick

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"The second cooler contained one brick-shaped package similarly wrapped with green plastic and fish," the spokesperson added. 
[sup][4] Others have described the viral particle having a brick-shaped morphology and irregular tubules at its surface together with the characteristic crisscross spiral pattern.
It's taken some time because the road builders have to break each free of concrete poured around them, stack each brick-shaped stone on a pallet, swaddle each pallet with shrink wrap and haul them to storage.
"Cardiomyocytes start off as small, oval cells, which during development turn into rectangular, brick-shaped cells that are much larger in size," says Milica Radisic, a chemical engineering professor at U of T's Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering.
Campaign groups representing those killed in collisions with heavy goods vehicles - whose angular, brick-shaped cabs impair driver visibility - have spent years demanding change.
A stay in a country hotel had given us inspiration for the look we wanted - a modern take on the house's original Victorian style, with brick-shaped wall tiles, wood flooring, a walk-in shower and a claw-footed, free-standing bath.
It's the female version of the xbox." He approves of "throwing eggs at David Cameron, brick-shaped eggs - made from brick" and states: "Join if you want to kick Nick Clegg square in the balls."
A common rooster turns into six-winged freak and a squash plant puts out brick-shaped fruits in a painting about the perversity of genetic engineering, part of a series with the sardonic title Wonderful World.
Stone artwork, reminiscent of ancient Indian temples, is incorporated into the reception area, which is bordered by brick-shaped mirrors that add a distinctly contemporary appeal.
With all due respect to my mother's four-pound holiday fruitcake that many people say they like, the brick-shaped holiday "treat" has been the subject of much derision through the years. This is just one from a newlyavailable range of five LEGObased lights - others include a keyring, hanging lantern and a brick-shaped wall light.
A brick-shaped, foil-wrapped package was discovered in the Vauxhall Astra of drugs courier and former Green Howard Andrew Vassallo.
It''s so very different from anything that''s gone before it, despite the growing number of brick-shaped models which now make it cool for vehicles to be square.
From a simple design perspective, the phone lives up to the hype: it's a compact device that has smaller dimensions than many popular smart phones and its curved casing gives it a stylishness that the more brick-shaped smartphones lack.
Jenny invested in gorgeous materials that would be on show such as the brick-shaped wall tiles and the luxury stainless steel sink and chrome tap.