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a bright reddish-brown color

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46th Street's facade is adorned with unique, brick-red Trespa panels and each individual residences features oversized windows, white oak floors and nine-foot ceilings.
She uses a subtle brick-red in a small Scala typeface as captions for the illustrative pages.
Brick-red with cut-off horns and a pointed tail, he chomps cigars and spews out cynical one-liners.
There's a brick-red capsule with a channel on one side leading into a lime-green fantasy land that we named the "Mexican Hat bowl" due to its whimsically tall volcano, simulating the peak of a sombrero.
Most of their impact is due to Dunham's quirky handling of color: Demon Tower, 1997, one of the most riveting canvases in the show, deploys a deep canary yellow and Silly Putty pink as its main hues, then stirs in cantaloupe and brick-red figures to create a dash of tones as violent as the action depicted.
Again, materials that reflect a higher-than-usual proportion of far-red light onto the seedlings--such as brick-red soil or straw residues--spurred the plants' above-ground growth more than black soil, black mulch, or white plastic did.
Mercury, when heated in air, will form a brick-red compound, which we now call mercuric oxide.
The vines are planted in thin, brick-red soils and decomposed granite on higher slopes that are very dry and very hot during the day, but cooled at night by maritime breezes.
Go for a quirky Agyness Deyn look and wear these brick-red Burwoods with cut-off shorts.
It turned vivid brick-red in 1878, around the time it was named, but in recent decades it has usually been a very pale orange-tan.
Distinguishable by their brick-red and green-brown colours, the birds are rarely seen in Merseyside or Cheshire, and have attracted huge interest.
He means slashing open 20,600 brick-red penny rolls.
The phenomenon appears six feet up on a brick-red coloured wall every time the concealed lighting changes from magenta to a warm red glow.