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wall up with brick

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The beating heart of Brick Up is however still Andrew Schofield's fantasist builder Dickie Lewis, whose treatment at the hands of snobbish Wirral housewife Ann Twacky (Eithne Browne in fine shrill voice) is one of the main catalysts for the cutting off of the peninsula from Liverpool.
But it seems that both the familiarity and the family atmosphere that envelops the Brick Up cast remains strong - a healthy dose of competitive corpsing last night drew bonus laughs from actors and audience.
Still, five Brick Ups in, and with the original cast and crew returning for duty as usual, there are parts of the structure that are showing signs of fatigue.
All of which makes Brick Up the most successful Liverpool theatre show for a generation - so what is the secret of its success?
"That is exactly what Brick Up has done and people have been queuing around the block to see it.