brick trowel

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a trowel used in masonry

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To fill this in, you will need to get a small amount of mortar on your brick trowel and smooth this down into a 1cm layer with your pointing trowel.
* Brick trowels are used to pick up mortar and spread it for the next course of brick, concrete block or stone.
The tools you'll need: Hammer, wood chisel and panel saw (to get the old window out); a brick trowel; pointing trowel; some string; a few masonry nails; a club hammer; a bolster (for cutting bricks); a hammer drill with a masonry bit; a shovel; a bucket; an area for knocking up mortar; a jointing tool, or a small piece of 15mm copper pipe; a soft brush - paint brush or dustpan brush will be fine; PPE Gloves, and goggles.
You'll need a brick trowel ($10) and a tuck pointer ($11).
Filling the cleaned-out joints requires masonry tools: brick trowel (Photo 5), 3/8-in.