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masonry done with bricks and mortar

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Use of confined brick masonry has increased after 2005 earthquake.
Finally, drift ratios for performance levels corresponding to various damage levels, for unreinforced brick masonry walls are proposed on the basis of experimental results.
UBC-97 is the only code that designs reinforced brick masonry on empirical, allowable and ultimate strength design approach.
The design of the building attempts to represent this boundary condition through the composition of its mass, the articulation of openings and walls and the simple materiality of its volume, created by used brick masonry on reconstituted stone consoles.
In 2000, Aurora, Colo., officials passed a measure requiting 50 percent brick masonry on all new-home exteriors.
HBI offers craft training in skills such as carpentry, electrical wiring, brick masonry, and plumbing.
Acid rain affects brick masonry by selectively dissolving the glassy fabric that holds the silica grains of a brick together.
The plan proposes underpinning with fine dressed brick masonry at the salt affected parts of walls, providing and fixing wooden 'Jaalies' of Shisham wood, restoration of old wood doors, providing and inserting Sisham wood beams in brick masonry, application of lime plaster on exterior and interior of dome, restoration of Fresco work, Stucco tracery work, glazed kashi tile work, upgradation of platform and graves, brick flooring, and electrification of tomb.
Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) Sajjad Ahmed told Dawn that the restoration included under-pinning work, brick masonry of shrine wall with special sized bricks, dome's rehabilitation, shisham wood work glazed lime, kankar lime, plastic and enameled glaze with kasha tiles as per the original design.
Earthquake Engineering Centre (EEC), Peshawar did (June 18) the country's first ever test on a full scale retrofitted confined brick masonry building (CBMB) to determine its seismic capacity and risk assessment for earthquakes.
Other subjects examined include defection criteria for masonry beams, the effect of void area on brick masonry performance, seismic evaluation of low-rise reinforced masonry buildings with flexible diaphragms, and greening of mortars.
The remaining rehabilitation costs include roofing, cabinets, landscaping, office renovations and brick masonry.
D theses was 'Seismic performance evaluation of indigenous brick masonry infill panel walls in reinforced concrete structures.