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The growth of yeasts, salt-tolerant bacteria and Brevibacterium linens were comparable on cow and sheep milk throughout the aging of brick cheeses processed under equivalent environments.
We hear fleeting references to Merman's four marriages and two children, but little of her collaborators and co-stars, and nothing of her reputation for being difficult, diva-ish and dense as brick cheese.
The Brick cheese is available in five-pound blocks.
A sturdy brick cheese made by the Klondike Cheese Co.
still using bricks to press the whey out of its Brick cheese during production, has created a new spreadable version of this unique American cheese.
Both Colby and Brick cheese originated in Wisconsin, and while their invention may not be as impressive as the genesis of Cheshire, Roquefort, or Parmigiano-Reggiano, they have nonetheless proved enormously popular, and no doubt outproduce all those cheeses put together.