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Synonyms for briber

someone who pays (or otherwise incites) you to commit a wrongful act

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Ceux-ci comme les sept comediens (Karim Briber, Sali, Nabila Brahim, Yacine Zaidi, Djaafar Benhalilou, Manal Silamine, Mounira Fissa Roubihi) distribues dans la piece ont aisement evolue, durant 1h 15 de temps et a travers 8 tableaux, dans un decor tres simple et pratique signe Bachir Lamia.
As each practice contributes a different benefit to both the briber and the recipient, remedial efforts have to target the motivation behind each one.
The Convention does not utilise the term "active bribery" simply to avoid it being misread by the non-technical reader as implying that the briber has taken the initiative and the recipient is a passive victim.
Baghdad (NINA) -The Anti-Briber team within the Office of the Commission of Integrity in Najaf was able to capture a Colonel, director of AL Najaf police department for training and delegations, red-handed with briber.
She informs us that, in addition to his literary skills, he was a gifted speaker as well as a gambler, a briber and an alcoholic.
Cromwell is a wholly original man: a political genius, a briber, a charmer, a bully, a man with a delicate, deadly skill in manipulating people and events.
Writing in The Economist, he said: 'It is very important that the briber was convicted.
According to the council, the violations include delay for long time to deliver verdicts for cases, approval for possessing state lands without legal documents, and giving stamps of the courts to their sons or drivers as well as briber.
We must now take into account the probability that the briber may
One such thinker, Martin Briber, actually wrote a major study of the New Testament arguing that Christianity's rejection of the Hebrew Bible as a source for Christianity is rooted in the writings of the apostle Paul himself.
All things being equal, the killer would have a better chance of acquittal than would the petty briber.
Briber and boodler and grafter are often "good men," judged by the old tests, and would have passed for virtuous in the American community of 70 years ago.
It has recommended detailed reforms including a requirement for police to "define a foreign official's status according to the law in his or her own country before pursuing a Portuguese briber.
The market for bribes obviously requires both briber and bribed, and developed country firms can stymie economic growth of a developing country by abetting local corruption.
Once you down that route, the briber has got you and you're open to be blackmailed for the rest of your time in the game.