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capable of being corrupted

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So the cartels look for ports, both air and sea, where authorities are lax or bribable so they can land their cargoes more easily.
Though I believe that Jack Kemp would not have been bribable even for $25 million, and that Forbes would not have been attempting a bribe even if he gave Kemp $25 million, there are many unscrupulous politicians who could be bribed for much less.
Promising judicial leniency, he forces them to help him entrap the bribable mayor (Jeremy Renner) of Camden, N.J., then a couple of U.S.
However, despite the weapons shortage, Khaled says the FSA is sometimes able to acquire advanced armaments from the regular Syrian army courtesy of sympathetic or bribable officers.
Mickovski claims that the government in Macedonia is sly because with its populism it directly stimulates the poverty of citizens, who easily become bribable. Mickovski mentions the examples with dairyman Dusko and tobacco grower Kire, the hardships of the redundant workers who suffered because of their uprising against the government.