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having or covered with protective barbs or quills or spines or thorns or setae etc.

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Cllr Bilson The Sweet Briary and neighbouring 'Peascroft' development on Prouds Lane now have only 10 plots remaining between them as the other 64 were snapped up.
Rory Francis, campaigns manager for the Woodland Trust in Wales, said: "We are extremely concerned about the development proposed near Briary Wood, which is one of the small areas of ancient woodland remaining in Wales.
Keith Hughes who has lived in the local area for 30 years and started theSave Briary Wood petition on "Local residents at Briarfields and beyond are up in arms about this.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.10 Najoum, 2.40 Timocracy (nb), 3.10 Briary Mac, 3.40 Pepper Lane, 4.10 Miami Gator, 4.40 Ella Grace, 5.10 Parisian Dream, 5.40 Foreign Rhythm.
What: Five-bed detached villa Where: Briary Lane,Port Glasgow How much: Offers over pounds 675,000 What's the deal: This gorgeous villa,set over three floors,is ideal for an extended family.There's a selfcontained granny flat in the basement with its own lounge,double bedroom, kitchen and en-suite shower room.The main house is impressive too,with a luxurious lounge and modern kitchen.
ROCKAVON (of the Sunday Mail) Today's nap: TRIP THE LIGHT (3.20 Southwell) KLONDYKE BRIARY MAC (1.00 Catterick) JOYEAUX (2.00 Catterick) TRIP THE LIGHT (3.20 Southwell) POT LUCK Southwell placepot 1.20 - 3, 5; 1.50 - 3, 4; 2.20 - 1, 4; 2.50 - 6; 3.20 - 3; 3.50 - 6.
TODAY'S SELECTIONS CATTERICK: 1.00 Briary Mac, 1.30 Park's Prodigy, 2.00 Joyeaux, 2.30 Lucky Art, 3.00 Toto Skyllachy, 3.30 Abstract Folly, 4.00 Dimashq, 4.30 Kyzer Chief SOUTHWELL: 1.20 Clear Ice, 1.50 Kalahari Desert, 2.20 Zaskia, 2.50 Strike Up The Band (nap), 3.20 Trip The Light, 3.50 Salerosa, 4.20 Astrolibra YARMOUTH: 12.40 Rose Of Coma, 1.10 Longliner, 1.40 Notice Given, 2.10 Scottish Boogie, 2.40 Vito Volterra, 3.10 Comradeship, 3.40 Sorrel Point, 4.10 Racing Hero
the shaggy immigrant untended to, still dropping berries in the briary
THESE TWO BOOKS--THICK WITH prescriptions for America's future but ensnared in a briary thicket of often arcane facts, acronyms, abbreviations, and figures--represent all the mixed virtues and vices of "pop policy" today (the perils of academic policy being another matter entirely).
The red is juicy with spicy, briary fruit, the chardonnay not as lush as some Aussie offerings - no bad thing - with melon and peach flavours.
His most popular novels were Moon Calf (1920) and its sequel, The Briary Bush (1921), partly autobiographical novels of growing up in small - town Illinois.
Alterations to change roof covering and six rooflights at Briary Cottage,Well Road, Moffat.
Keith Hughes who has lived in the local area for 30 years and started the Save Briary Wood petition on said: "Local residents at Briarfields and beyond are up in arms about this.
(Valle de Guadalupe; $49) Mint and floral scents over briary blackberry flavors; firm tannins.
Classic aromas of lilac and wildflowers leading to zesty blackberry and briary flavors; some toasty oak flavors on the finish with a subtle hint of Alexander Valley's volcanic soil.