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wood from the hard woody root of the briar Erica arborea

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Casey Pudwill, the administrator at Briarwood Healthcare Center of Friendship Village, said, "The five-star rating accurately reflects our system-wide commitment to providing the best quality care possible.
Julie Foster, Briarwood home manager, said: "Malcolm is a very quiet gentleman and rarely speaks.
There are a few elderly people living in the Briarwood area so naturally there is a lot of anxiety and fear now but we'll rally as a community to reassure people."
High demand of Rowland homes in the area has led to Briarwood nearing sell-out, with just one home left and part exchange on offer for homebuyers looking for that perfect property.
Briarwood Elementary School was among the two schools hit by the deadly tornado in Moore, Okla.
The five-year project at 50-acre Briarwood Banks, opposite Plankey Mill, will see hundreds of conifers that were planted in the 1960s, cleared from the wood.
But Frentress had the misfortune of moving to a troubled assisted-living facility - Briarwood Assisted Living in Springfield - operated by Sunwest Management Corp., which eventually went bankrupt.
CASE FACTS: James Moffett and his sister Rozan O'Brien (the Moffetts), filed a wrongful death suit against Briarwood Life Care Centers (Briarwood), a nursing home facility, for the alleged negligence of Briarwood in causing the death of their mother, Dorothy Moffett.
VanAssche Homes 963 Briarwood Drive, East Wenatchee
Kathy Naish, operations manager for Briarwood Retreat Center in Argyle, Texas, whose camp hosted approximately 196 evacuees from New Orleans provided televisions, Internet access, and snacks for the evacuees in the cabins.
With this in mind, the Briarwood development in Motherwell houses a series of apartments and villas designed to appeal to both the lifestyle and pockets of first- time buyers.
The 1.1-acre Briarwood Nursing & Rehabilitation Center at 516 S.
The huge detached property is in the Briarwood cul-de-sac in Blundellsands.
The Briarwood estate has four homes and access is controlled by an electronic gate.