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old French breed of large strong usually black dogs having a long tail and long wavy and slightly stiff coat

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She would like owners to contact her regarding a fun day for Briard owners in Scotland.
A nine-year-old Briard with broken ribs and another dog were put down.
It was a rare but successful directorial outing for Weihrauch, a lawyer, theater lover, and, appropriately enough, a dog lover who had been president of the Briard Club of America.
(45.) Farriaux JP, Vidailhet M, Briard ML, Belot V, Dhondt JL.
With: Michel Piccoli, Mylene Demongeot, Maurice Benichou, Marie Kremet, Birol Unel, Rudi Rosenberg, Vincent Tepernowski, Nicolas Pignon, Mado Maurin, Sandrine Briard, Serge Chambon.
See for example Martine Bulard, "Vers une selection genetique des assures" (juin 1999) L'usine nouvelle Biotech 26; Marie-Louise Briard, "Encadrement de la genetique en France" (2001) 34 Actualite et dossier en sante publique 38, online: Haut Comite de la sante publique <>.
NEW YORK-Georges Briard, a well-known designer who influenced the home furnishings industry, died here on July 30.
Rescue centre staff named him Chew-bark-a after spotting the similarity between the 18-month-old Briard cross and the Wookie who appears in new blockbuster, The Revenge Of The Sith.
I brought Herb Obodda and Monsignor Briard from the Sorbonne to look at this specimen, and they agreed--they would also have purchased it.
FLORENCE - Nemo, the golden-haired briard, stands out from his fellow residents at the Florence Area Humane Society.
("Yuck, this wine smells like wet dog!") The wine is named for the owners' Briard, Maggie, and we must admit she's a cute pooch.