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a pipe made from the root (briarroot) of the tree heath


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A briar pipe was the 20th century's symbol of manliness.
L/Cpl Peacock, who came from the Middlesbrough area, passed the time between bouts of violent and frightening action by patiently carving into the bowl of his briar pipe.
This won't save the world," said Meyer, who fills a briar pipe between classes.
In the webbed memory, smoked in an old briar pipe and hung in the mind, you have the picture of the cricket team's 12th man, seen on the sign outside village pubs, where he sits, bewhiskered, in his striped cap and whites, supping warm beer and wondering whether an injury, or the late arrival of another, will lead to him being called back to that green - around which you can hear the gentle murmurings of appreciation, as the sun glistens on the black and white scoreboard.
But the briar pipe was elevated above other objects by the beauty of its balanced asymmetry and the graceful arcs of its silhouette.
sitting before his locker, placidly puffing on his old briar pipe, with a group of Dodgers around him.
In one hand he clutched a shiny briar pipe and with the other clung to a precious violin.
I have never met Mr Cowey but I imagine him as a decent chap from Pinner, with a cardigan and a briar pipe, looking rather like the dad in early Cliff Richard films who'd join in with the twist at the end.
There's a bit of a thing going on between the advertising manager (a proto-Bridget Jones, played by this week's Caroline Quentin) and the sports editor, a Simon Cadell type who brandishes a briar pipe.
THICK skin on the old chap's generously arched thumb pressed dark brown curls of tobacco deep into the bowl of his briar pipe.
and there was a beautiful ravenhaired girl who would sit smoking a big briar pipe.